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This adorable pup was seen delivering takeout to his family: 'I'm lucky to have him'

Little Oliver helped his owner Jessica Reanne Adario carry her McDonald's doggy bag home. "He's the best," she said.

This adorable pup was seen delivering takeout to his family: 'I'm lucky to have him'
Image Source: Jagger Long / Facebook

Going outside while your city is under a stay-at-home order can be a daunting task, even if it is to just get some food. Whether you're afraid of violating the order or catching the deadly Coronavirus, meal delivery services can come to your rescue. However, you might feel guilty about putting a delivery person at risk. What you might need in your life, then, is a dog who can collect your food and deliver it to you. While not every pupper is trained to do that, a very cute good boi was seen trotting down a sidewalk carrying his owner's food. Of course, the owner was walking a few steps ahead of him, but it was an adorable moment nonetheless.



Oliver, the sweetest little dachshund, and his owner Jessica Reanne Adario live in the city of Toronto in Canada. It was on one of those streets that Jessica's neighbor Jagger Long spotted Oliver with a McDonald's bag in his mouth. An obedient pupper, he resisted all his urges to gobble up whatever goodness was inside. Instead, he trotted behind his owner, making sure he didn't drop anything. The cute moment was caught on video by Jagger, who posted it on Facebook. He wrote, "A McDonald's delivery from my new neighbor and Uber Eats boy named Oliver on King Street West downtown Toronto. Jessica Reanne you have one hard-working doggie there!"



And indeed she does. After her story went viral, Jessica took to Instagram to share her thoughts. "He's the best," she wrote. "I'm very lucky to have him." Since the video was first posted by Jagger, it has received over 3,700 reactions. It has also been shared by Facebook users over 11,000 times. The video clip has gone so viral, in fact, that even celebrities have taken notice. Music artist SZA, commenting on one of Jessica's Instagram posts, stated, "Such a good boy! You guys are so smart. [Wishing you] blessings and safety." Now, Jessica's friends think Oliver might just get a deal with McDonald's for a commercial. Her friend Simpson commented, "Amazing. Hey, maybe McDonald's will use him in a commercial now. Or hook you up with McDonald's for life."



That may not be for certain, but one thing is for sure: everyone on the internet loves Oliver. Jessica, in recognition of this, shared a post about her adorable dachshund, and stated, "My little man doing what he does best... Spreading joy in a time where it’s needed the most!" After all, what we need most during this difficult public health crisis are a few moments of happiness and joy. Let's all take a moment to thank little Oliver for being the cutie he is and putting a smile on all of our faces.



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