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People share videos of how musicians looked out for safety of their fans after Astroworld disaster

Videos of musicians including A$AP Rocky, Adele, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Linkin Park halting their concerts to help distressed fans have gone viral.

People share videos of how musicians looked out for safety of their fans after Astroworld disaster

The Astroworld music festival tragedy that saw eight people die during a performance by Travis Scott is raising questions on crowd safety and the rapper's role in keeping his fans safe. Scott continued playing for 40 minutes after the cops first alerted the organizers of the situation among the crowd. As fans pushed towards the stage, a stampede broke out causing the death of eight people and injuring dozens more. One video appears to show Travis Scott looking on as a fan is carried by others in the audience. People are now sharing videos of other artists like A$AP Rocky, Adele, Harry Styles and Linkin Park stopping their concerts to draw attention to medical emergencies, reported NBC News. Many believe the rapper could have done more to help his fans, who were chanting, "Stop the show" and screaming for help. 



Travis Scott defended himself saying he wasn't aware of the "severity of the situation." He said in an Instagram video, "Anytime I could make out, you know, anything that’s going on, you know, I stop the show and, you know, help them get the help they need.” A video on TikTok shows A$AP Rocky performing at the 2019 Rolling Loud music festival in California. The rapper can be seen dancing but stops the moment he notices there are some fans in distress. He demands the music be stopped before calling on those around the fans to help the ones in distress while asking others to give them space. "Everybody, back up! Look! Watch out!" he shouts, pointing to those in distress. "Pick those girls up, bro! Pick the girls up! Pick the f*cking girls up, what's wrong with y'all?" he then calls on others to make room. "Back up! Back the fuck up!" he shouts and resumes the show only after ensuring his fans were okay. The comments section lauded A$AP for intervening to help fans in distress. "Take notes Travis Scott," wrote one person.




In 2017, Adele was performing at Sydney's ANZ stadium in Australia when she stopped the concert to help a fan who was having a cardiac arrest in the front row. She had just started singing 'Rolling In The Deep' when she stopped midway to draw the security's attention to a fan in distress. She urged the crowds to part way, so the paramedics could attend to the fan. There were 95,000 fans in the stadium but they all waited patiently as the person was tended to. "I'm so sorry but someone got hurt and I have to check they're okay," a tearful Adele told the crowd. The TikTok user pointed out that musicians can and have intervened to help. "The power is in the hands of the performer," the video was captioned by @shane.dermott. Another TikTok user claimed to know the woman who had a cardiac arrest and added that Adele's team had kept in touch to check on her as she recovered. 







In 2017, Harry Styles stopped a show in London after spotting a girl having a panic attack in the crowd. He then gets a bottle of water and asks the crowd to pass it to her. In a similar incident at the Governor's Ball festival, Billie Eilish stops mid-song to check in on some fans and asks security to pay attention to the fans, before bellowing out: "[You had] one job!" Incidents of musicians intervening are raising questions about Scott continuing with his set after fans screamed for help and chanted at him to "stop the show." 





An old clip of Linkin Park stopping a concert to help fans has also gone viral in the wake of the AstroWorld tragedy. "Yo! We got a little problem up here," Mike Shinoda can be heard saying. "Pick him up! Pick him up right now!" the late Chester Bennington shouts. Shinoda continued, "Sorry you guys, we gotta look out for safety first, for real. Nobody gets hurt, that's number one. We'll play this s**t, the whole s**t again, if you guys get up, if you guys are alright. OK? Watch yourselves."




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