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This 240-page long 'Ultimate Guide to Running' contains just 4 words and it's spot on

This project aims to simplify the activity of running and allow people to run without any techniques and conditions.

This 240-page long 'Ultimate Guide to Running' contains just 4 words and it's spot on
Image Source: Crafts Sportswear/Instagram

Simplification can be the best policy when it comes to creating a new habit and learning something new. Too many facts and information can feel overwhelming and the running footwear and apparel company Craft knows it. They released an "Ultimate Guide to Running" in New York City during the New York Marathon with running store Fleet Feet. The catch is that the entire book contains only two phrases and they are the only ones you need to start running, per Little Black Book.



The book is 240 pages long and includes a foreword by famed long-distance runner Tommy "Rivs" Puzey. Although the book is visually appealing, with a high-end design, it only contains the phrases: left foot. Right foot. Says Niklas Moberg, head of brand at Craft, said in a press release that they wanted to capture the "essence of running." He added, "After digging deep, drawing from our collective experience being in the running business for over 40 years, we have poured all we know about how to become a great runner into this book."

He said that it is "hard to submit" but "it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear or what the logo on your shirt says. As long as you repeat putting your left foot in front of your right foot, you’re running." The running industry is flooded with magazines and books promoting many realities, paradoxically complicating something as wonderful as running. This book serves as a counterbalance, celebrating the sport's simplicity. 



This book is a celebration of the mindset that there is no correct way of running as long as you continue to get up on your feet. It doesn't matter whether you are running in the morning or doing it in the evening or "it is cold, dark, hot, raining, or snowing," if you follow these two simple steps you will get running. 

Says Karl Risenfors, creative at F&B, said, "We always strive to get to the core of any topic we work with. In this case we worked closely with Craft to really identify what they and all runners have in common." He added that once they found the "least common denominator" they "decided to celebrate that by implementing it in words and design. Repeating left foot, right foot in different ways, with different design elements and in different design environments." 



Martin Joelsson and Chanelle Kazemi, designers at F&B, said that turning two phrases into a 240-page book was a design challenge and it took them 10 months to complete. They "worked with typography, turning big blocks of text into their own shapes, photography and premium materials, and then turned all those expressions together into one beautiful, rhythmic experience." Turning the pages of this coffee book might feel like you are visually running. 

Tommy “Rivs” Puzey, shared his personal experience by stating, "As runners, we are constantly bombarded with promises of hacks, miracle products, secret workouts, and shortcuts. There are so many conflicting voices, each one telling us what to do - from how to train to what to eat and how to move." He said that it is confusing and distracting and sidetracks runners from "what running actually boils down to; the mindset that keeps us moving forward. Left foot. Right foot." 

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