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This 11-year-old makes friends just for the drama and we are here for it

The young boy is already famous for his witty comments and performances on the internet.

This 11-year-old makes friends just for the drama and we are here for it
Image Source: Instagram/Samantha Sophia

Friendships are the most important part of our lives as they provide us with immense support in our time of need. Friends often are there for us through our biggest losses and also celebrate our smallest of wins. However, not all friendships are this endearing and impactful and some are just there to keep us company. For this 11-year-old boy, the friendship with one particular person is just about the drama and we are totally here for it. 



Nathan Broxton has become an internet sensation for his witty comments and videos. Nathan's most recent hit, an Instagram video with over 500,000 likes, provides a revelation about friendship. Nathan tells his mom, Samantha Broxton in the video, "I don’t like actually being friends with this person. I just like being friends with them because of the drama." The young boy is quick to realize that his statement might seem wrong and says, "It’s very problematic. I need to work on myself." Samantha bursts out laughing, and Nathan returns to his iPad.


Although we might not admit it, we all have that one friend who we don't necessarily like but their life always has some new drama that we love to hear about. His mother told TODAY, "Nathan isn’t even trying to be funny — he just is." Samantha's Instagram fans have observed that the sixth-grader from Orange County, California, is also exceptionally mature. The video has been watched over 5.2 million times and has thousands of comments from people relating to Nathan. Some users applauded his self-awareness and the fact that he identifies his own toxic behavior. Instagram user, @maxiedwards, commented, "Self-awareness at a young age... Good job young man." A third user, @creepypapermultipack, added, "This wise young man has more self-awareness than 90% of the adults I know." 

Another person, @avyanier_, said, "Self-awareness is key, lmfao he’s hilarious." Others agreed with the fact that it is fun to be around people with drama instead of actually participating in it. User, @she_shoots_she_scores22, said, "Lmao. I feel like it’s always fun being around someone who has drama instead of being a part of it." Another Instagram user, @lindsey514, commented, "Being close enough to view the drama but not be part of it is a skill that can provide hours of entertainment." 




Samantha, who is also the mother of Sophie, 12, and Kai, 22 months, characterizes Nathan as a "smart kid with high emotional intelligence." Samantha added, "He’s very sensitive," and shared that Nathan was bullied by boys in this class for refusing to chase some girls at recess. She explained, "That’s the kind of stuff that he wants nothing to do with. Nathan is very much a community builder. He never wants to bring anyone down."

Nathan has a strong bond with his sister, Sophie, who enjoys putting on a good performance as well. Their mother shared, "They spend at least two hours a day acting out scenes with stuffed animals. They’ve recorded a movie together." There are several videos on Samantha's Instagram account featuring Nathan and his several talents. 

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