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Stolen truck saga ends with apology and gifts on Auckland street

The stolen truck was mysteriously returned, leaving authorities puzzled but hopeful.

Stolen truck saga ends with apology and gifts on Auckland street
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Varun Chada, the owner of a cafe called Kati Street in Auckland, New Zealand, was headed toward where he’d left his truck after completing the day’s work, only to find that the truck was gone.


A neighbor's security camera revealed that in the five minutes Chada had been inside his cafe, someone came and stole his truck. So, Chada did the logical thing. Along with filing a complaint with the police, he posted about the stolen truck on the cafe's social media, including an image from the security footage of the man who stole it. He urged people to let him know if they had any leads.


Four days later, the truck reappeared exactly where Chada had left it. In conversation with the New Zealand Herald, Chada said, "The first time I thought I was losing my mind because I'd just walked inside and the second time I rocked up and it was parked there." 



Chada was stunned and immediately informed the police. The truck was in the same condition as it had been, having only lost about a quarter of a tank of gas and the license plates. Whoever took the truck left some new toys for Chada's son in the truck and also felt obligated to leave an apology note. The note explained that the man who stole the truck needed a ride home since he was drunk. 


Chada said, "I couldn't believe it. It was exactly where I'd parked it, and I walked up to the window, and there was a note inside it." Chada also added that while he doesn't condone what the thief did, he is stoked to have had the truck returned safely to him.

A police spokesperson said, "Despite the return of this stolen vehicle to its owner, police are continuing to investigate the theft and are following positive lines of inquiry." However, it's safe to say that all's well that ends well.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 4, 2024. It has since been updated.

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