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Soccer fans pay emotional tribute to late couple with cutout: 'They will be with us in every match'

They used to rarely miss a game and cheered for the team despite their old age.

Soccer fans pay emotional tribute to late couple with cutout: 'They will be with us in every match'
Image Source: Fenerbahçe SK/Twitter

Dedicated sports fans often go to lengths to show their support for the game and the team they follow. A couple from Turkey were the biggest fans of Fenerbahce, a Turkish professional soccer club. Unfortunately, both of them passes away and the club is now giving tribute to their most loyal fans. Mumtaz Amca and Ihsan Teyze never used to miss any game and were always there to cheer the team from the stands, per Sports Bible.




Despite their old age, the couple used to present at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium and became one of the famous supporters of the club. Unfortunately, Mumtaz died a few years ago, and his wife, Ihsan, passed away recently. The club decided to pay a tribute to them by placing a cardboard cutout of their figures at the usual seat they used to cheer the team from. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the club was playing behind closed doors, allowing them to pay a grand tribute to them.

The club posted a picture of the beautiful tribute on Twitter and wrote, "Our Aunt İhsan and Uncle Mumtaz will be with us tomorrow, as in every match. You are in our hearts, we will not forget you." The post quickly went viral gathering over 40k likes and thousands of retweets. One Twitter user wrote in the comments, "Our hearts were broken. As a Beşiktaş fan, I have always been a supporter of such meaningful things, and I will continue to be."

Another added, "Play and win for our Aunt İhsan, Uncle Mumtaz."




The tribute was also announced by Good News Movement on Instagram which gathered almost 200,000 likes and thousands of comments. They posted a picture of the couple in the stadium since 2014 and in 2020, it shows the cutout figures of the loyal fans. They wrote in the caption, "Mumtaz Amca and Ihsan Teyze were huge fans of Fenerbahçe, a Turkish soccer team. They wouldn’t miss a match. The team, in return for the couples loyalty over the years, saved two seats in honor of the late couple."


Even after her husband's death, Ihsan continued coming to the stadium and supporting the team. However, as many Instagram users pointed out, she did not have the same energy without her husband. A user commented, "Beautiful and sad all at the same time. So much for waiting on a woman." Everyone now believes that Ihsan has finally joined her beloved husband in heaven.




The love for sports never dies down and for a 2-year-old toddler, it has begun at a very young age. Ana Camelo Jackson, Luca's mother, shared the video, which showed the child shouting his heart out as he cheered for Alex Morgan, the United States women’s national soccer team's biggest star. He continued to yell "Alex Morgan," at loud levels that his vocal cords should not have been capable of. Morgan also did not disappoint her youngest admirer, scoring two goals in the game.

The video went viral on Twitter and ultimately reached Morgan who commented, "The sweetest fan!!" Morgan gave Luca a signed soccer jersey bearing her No. 13. Instead of her name, the T-shirt read Luca. He put it on right away and even greeted Morgan, who had also met him after the game. She held him in her hands and posed for photos in a cute moment. 

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