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These stunning prints by National Geographic are on sale to help Ukraine

Vital Impacts, a women-led nonprofit organization, has partnered with National Geographic photographers to support vulnerable Ukrainian refugees.

These stunning prints by National Geographic are on sale to help Ukraine
Image Source: Brian Skerry /

Vital Impacts, a women-led nonprofit, has partnered with National Geographic photographers to help refugees fleeing Ukraine. Together, they are selling breathtaking images, and 100% percent of all profits is going to Direct Relief, a humanitarian organization working in Ukraine to provide medical aid to people affected by the ongoing invasion by Russia. (Direct Relief presently has a score of 100% on Charity Navigator). The sale initially ran until April 20, but it has since been extended to May 10. Its organizers are hoping total donations will reach $1 million. Some of the stunning photographs feature emperor penguins releasing millions of microbubbles from their feathers; children's dresses hanging on a laundry line on a porch in Puerto Rico; and, notably, students standing among fountains in Kyiv, CNN reports.


The humanitarian organization was motivated to launch the fundraiser after its last one earned more than $620,000. In an interview, photographer Ami Vitale, a co-founder of Vital Impacts, revealed more. "We can all watch the horrors of the world from afar and feel so helpless but this is a way to support humanitarian efforts and have a unique opportunity to purchase some of the most memorable fine art prints from the world's leading photographers," she said. "The hope is that this work will inspire everyone who sees it to work for a world of peace and compassion."


As part of the collection, there are pieces of artwork that would intrigue everyone. From "quirky, intellectual" images, to "achingly beautiful" historical moments, the collection features a mixed bag of pieces for the passionate photography connoisseur as well as the photography newbie. Vitale explained, "There is something for everyone and our hope is that these prints will inspire people to believe in and work toward a better world." In addition to all the photographers who have kindly donated their images to the sale, Canson Infinity donated all of the paper required for printing.


If you would like to purchase your own image, perhaps of a breathtaking moment underwater, an incredible landscape, or an intimate human moment, you can visit Vital Impact's official website here. Flash prints start at $275 and run up to $675, depending on the size of the print. There are just over 100 images to choose from. Alternatively, you can make a donation of any amount to the organization here.


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