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These 'insane' wedding rules by a bride and groom have left everyone in confusion

It seems that this couple wants their wedding to be picture-perfect but they probably do not care about the ease and emotions of their wedding guests.

These 'insane' wedding rules by a bride and groom have left everyone in confusion
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Emma Bauso, Reddit | u/VieleAud

Weddings are love and fun-filled events where family and friends participate to bear witness to marital unions. Sometimes, the bride and groom want themed weddings with pre-planned dress codes and require the guests to follow some rules. However, a set of wedding rules laid out by this unnamed couple has the entire Reddit community in splits after u/VieleAud shared a picture with others. On what appears to be a card decorated with black and gold elements, this bride and groom are way too specific with their rules and unreasonable demands for their wedding.

Representational Image Source: Pixabay | StockSnap
Representative Image Source: Pexels | StockSnap

The post is aptly titled: "If someone sent this to me I would simply just not go." As we take a look into the list of 15 so-called rules, it is bound to leave everyone baffled to some extent. The first rule mentions the name of the bride and groom that has been redacted and it states that "it's their big day and not yours," referring to the wedding guests. Next, the guests are not allowed to block the wedding photographer's view. They are also required to strictly maintain the black and gold dress code and there is no room for guests who are thinking of wearing a white attire.

Image Source: Reddit | u/VieleAud
Image Source: Reddit | u/VieleAud

The couple has even laid out seating arrangements and charts that are allotted to their guests and no one is allowed to rearrange their seats. On top of that, if a guest had made no monetary investment in their wedding, they are not allowed to have any opinion about the event either. Along with that, the invitees are asked to keep a check on how much liquor they drink. No one besides the couple is allowed to make any grand announcements or proposals at the wedding. The guests are also free to go home if they do not like the music that will be played at the event and they should be okay with some people "twerking" too.

In case the wedding guests decide to share the wedding pictures on social media, they are required to use a particular hashtag with the post. The guests won't be allowed to sit down either and there will be no liquor allowed from the outside. Then the list of rules reminds the guests to "refer back to rule number one." The bride and groom are the only ones who are allowed to "say what they want to say" and they want their guests to "turn all the way up." The set of bizarre and strongly worded rules from the entitled couple has left the community divided and many left their opinions on it.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Jesus Arias
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jesus Arias

Some people thought that the entire list of rules could have been reworded politely and others thought it was plain absurd. u/d0uble0h wrote, "It's funny because, a lot of these rules are what I'd usually assume, to the point that I wouldn't ever expect anyone to send them out. They probably could have worded them more politely and been okay. But there are also a few that are just red flags, guaranteed bridezilla/groomzilla stuff."

Image Source: Reddit | u/JustALizzyLife
Image Source: Reddit | u/JustALizzyLife

u/deep-fried-fck added, "I mean none of these rules and expectations are particularly unreasonable, they’re just worded hella aggressively. But then, the couple knows their own friends and family better than any of us, and they very well may be the type of crowd that needs rules stated very bluntly and clearly to understand that they’re not just loose suggestions." u/Knittingfairy09113 shared, "Most of these are reasonable, but the aggressive phrasing is quite off-putting. Saying that people can't sit all night and that their hashtag has to be used are both very obnoxious."

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