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Firefighters rescued an adorable kitten from a vending machine. She's now called Pepsi.

Walmart employee Lindsey Russell called her local fire department when she heard a tiny kitten sound from inside a vending machine. She has since adopted the animal.

Firefighters rescued an adorable kitten from a vending machine. She's now called Pepsi.
Image Source: CityofMorristown / Facebook

During her regular shift at Walmart, Lindsey Russell heard a tiny kitten's desperate cries for help. She looked for the struggling animal all throughout her lunch break only to realize she was trapped inside one of the store's vending machines. She couldn't figure out how the kitten got into the vending machine—or how to get it out. Her co-workers were also not able to help the animal. Fortunately, after putting in a call to the local fire and rescue department, a team of firefighters arrived and successfully rescued the kitten, Good News Network reports.


The incident took place at the Walmart branch located in Morristown, Tennessee. Throughout Russell's lunch hour, she tried rescuing the animal trapped inside the vending machine, to no avail. Finally, she called in the professionals. Morristown fireman Doug Allison arrived with his team and immediately knew the kitten was under severe stress. "We could hear it meowing as soon as we came up," he said in an interview with a local news outlet. "We knew it was in there and kind of stressed out. If we can help save a life, animal or human, we will do what we can do."

The team of firefighters managed to rescue the kitten by prying open some panels of the vending machine. This allowed the kitten to escape. Thankfully, she was not hurt during the rescue mission. Once the animal was in safe hands, Russell decided it was best to adopt her. She has rescued cats in the past before (with her mother's help), so the Walmart employee felt it was the best option. She described the kitten as "wiggly" and in good spirits. Russell took her home as well as to a much-needed visit to the vet.

Of course, as a result of the way she was found, the kitten's name was quite obvious to Russell. The grey striped kitty obviously had to have a name that was reminiscent of the curious way she was found. "This is Pepper, Pepsi, Pep, whatever you would like to call her," she shared. "She has got a few nicknames now." The City of Morristown soon uploaded a Facebook post about Pepsi, who instantly became a local internet celebrity. One resident commented, "Awww, good job Lindsey, and thank you Morristown firefighters [for rescuing the little baby kitten out of the Pepsi [vending] machine."

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