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These comments reveal how kind and accommodating flight attendants actually are

In the comments section of a YouTube video by famous flight attendant Jeenie Weenie, travelers shared amazing stories of how they were supported by kind flight attendants.

These comments reveal how kind and accommodating flight attendants actually are
Image Source: Mongkol Chuewong / Getty Images | Text Source: - blackpink forever - / YouTube

Being a flight attendant is not an easy job. Not only are flight attendants required to keep everyone safe, they also have to provide impeccable service to the travelers flying with them while remaining cool, calm and composed. In the comments section of a viral YouTube video by Jeenie Weenie, a popular internet star who works as an air hostess, dozens of users shared the experiences they had with courteous flight attendants. From comforting travelers who were stressed out to going the extra mile just because, commenters proved that flight attendants are probably some of the most patient and caring people ever.


One user wrote, "I remember I spilled orange juice all over my seat and blanket when it was dark and started crying because I was upset, and the crew gave me tissues, a new blanket, and a jigsaw puzzle even though I was an adult." Others also had similar experiences though they were fully grown adults. "I remember before I boarded a plane, I got [the] news that my mom had passed away," another person shared. "I was crying, but the flight attendants were super kind and let me bundle up in a blanket and let me move my seat to an empty row."


There were experiences that did not involve tears as well. A lot of these stories included freebies, such as better seats or extra meals. A user commented, "My mum once asked a flight attendant if there were any empty seats that would allow my family to sit together before boarding and the flight attendant let us sit in business class for a flight to China ([which lasted] nine hours). It was so amazing!" Meanwhile, others had good memories from when they were children. "When I was a child I was flying home with my mum and sister on my birthday on an eight-hour night flight," one user stated. "The cabin crew gave me a little birthday cake when my mum told him it was my birthday. It was so cute."


Flight attendants also make sure all their guests feel safe and welcomed, no matter the circumstances. "I was on a flight one time and had a period emergency," one person explained. "I actually BLED onto my seat (it was leather, so it just wiped right off) but the flight attendants were SO nice. They gave me a blanket and loudly said, 'I know you are cold so here is a blanket,' and let me keep myself wrapped while I went to the bathroom. They gave [me] the products I needed, a cup of ice water, and chocolate. Best flight ever."


Others offered advice to those traveling soon so they could get better service. One user recommended, "Always try to sit in the far back where cabin crew makes meals and drinks and stuff! Since you are right there, it is a lot easier for them to get things to you and you can even get a second drink or snack on short flights that only do one meal or drink service." Another person added, "One thing to never forget is [to] be polite to cabin crew and you will get great service."


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