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These chefs helped a woman in distress by chasing her rude date out of the restaurant

A woman went out on a date with a guy at her gym. However, it didn't pan out so well.

These chefs helped a woman in distress by chasing her rude date out of the restaurant
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Malidate Van; Reddit | ENTPoncrackenergy

Sometimes the bad things people do come back to them in the most unexpected ways. That is exactly what happened with a woman's date who was being inappropriate. u/ENTPoncrackenergy shared her story. "When I was in university, I went on a date with a guy I briefly met at the gym. Between meeting him at the gym and going on our first date, we didn't talk much as I'm not a 'texter.' so I didn't know much about him prior." The guy turned out very different from what the woman had expected. They went on a date to her favorite Turkish restaurant and the guy was dressed in a Gucci tracksuit in a very flamboyant way.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

"He stunk of weed and had been smoking prior, which is another thing that I'm not fond of," she wrote. As the date went on the woman realized he was very obnoxious "through the whole date, and a lot more aggressive than he was at the gym. He wasn't well-mannered, he had poor articulation, and we didn't have the same interests or pretty much any similarities." The man even asked her inappropriate questions about her romantic history. "Nevertheless, I'm an optimistic person, and while no way would I ever consider him romantically, I could still enjoy his company for the length of dinner until he started making comments about our waitress," she stated.

The woman was quite taken aback when the guy commented on a waitress's chest who seemed to be a minor. She further shared, "I was instantly grossed out and told him I was going 'to the toilet' when in reality I went to discretely pay my half of the bill and leave. When I paid, the other waitress could tell it was a date gone wrong." The waitress checked in with the woman to ensure everything was alright as she looked "visibly uncomfortable" and the guy was seen making unwanted advances on her. 

"I said I was fine, but he made an inappropriate comment about the younger waitress. She instantly started pressing me about what he said, and I was reluctant, so I kept it vague and just told her it was a rude comment about the girl's chest," she shared. "I went to the toilet to wait in there for my Uber so I could make my grand escape before I heard a bunch of yelling. 6 Turkish chefs were pushing him out of the restaurant yelling at him. Apparently, one of the chefs was the young waitress's uncle, and she was only 14," the woman concluded.

u/BeutifulPhantom1 commented, "Oh, please tell me at least one (if not all 6) had a meat cleaver in hand. This is the minimum he deserved for creepy pedo vibes." u/Rachel_Silver wrote, "I pictured a dark-eyed, swarthy man with a cleaver in his hand, his eyes alight with murderous intent." u/Mrx-02 remarked, "Haha, I pictured all of them coming out of the kitchen rolling up their sleeves holding meat cleavers in their hand saying 'Either leave or end up on tomorrow nights menu.'" u/Excellent_Ad1132 expressed, "She has a very good uncle. I applaud him for taking care of his niece."

Image Source: Reddit | u/borkedbrains
Image Source: Reddit | u/borkedbrains
Image Source: Reddit | u/Crafty-Shape2743
Image Source: Reddit | u/Crafty-Shape2743

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