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There is a fun, entertaining signboard war happening in this town and the internet is hooked

It all started when Speedy Auto Glass in Ontario challenged the neighboring store to a sign war and now establishments across the town of Listowel are involved.

There is a fun, entertaining signboard war happening in this town and the internet is hooked
Image Source: Facebook/Speedy Glass (Listowel, ON, Canada)

A town in Canada is at war.

A war of words.

When Speedy Auto Glass in Listowel, Ontario challenged the store next door to a sign war, things got very interesting. The Dairy Queen next door accepted the challenge and soon enough stores from all over town joined in the fun. For the past week, the residents of the town have been in for some witty, punny, rhyming one-liners that are nothing short of entertaining. This is the type of wholesome war that people can get behind and everyone wants in on it:

It all started when Trevor Cork, owner of Speedy Glass put up this sign on the signboard of his business.



Soon enough, Dairy Queen responded with:


Things were getting heated. Well, at least, as much as it would in Canada.





Before things got too heated, the Listowel Fire Department got involved.



Things were only just starting to get more interesting.







Soon enough, there were other stores who joined in the fun.









What a sporty town indeed. The playful exchange soon blew up and made it to local news.




It is now doing rounds on the internet and has gone international. "It's been so uplifting. There hasn't been one negative comment. The reaction has been absolutely amazing," Cork told BBC. "We're getting people stopping into my business just to say thank you for making them smile."


And the restaurant was summoned.








And then things just escalated.





That is—until everyone had to learn to relax










All that (t)rolling might as well have amounted to some exercise.



At least until it's time for some munchies. 







As more business establishments continue to join the sign wars, Speedy had this to say:


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