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The secret Disney store meant for cast members offers exclusive merchandise: 'Omg, I need access'

The store, called 'Cast Connection,' is located in Walt Disney World and provides discounted Disney merchandise, furniture and even groceries.

The secret Disney store meant for cast members offers exclusive merchandise: 'Omg, I need access'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @disney_pintopia

Those who grew up with Disney films and animations surely developed a fondness for everything related to it. Furthermore, for any ardent Disney fan, the opportunity to work for this entertainment conglomerate would be a dream come true. Considering that careers in the entertainment industry entail both challenges and rewards, it is undeniable that Disney offers its employees unparalleled privileges. A TikTok user @disney_pintopia, recently went viral after making a video about an employee-exclusive Disney store that is dropping the jaws of every fan who has come across the footage.

 Image Source: TikTok | @disney_pintopia
Image Source: TikTok | @disney_pintopia

The creator is popular on Tiktok for her Disney pin collection. This exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the "secret" Disney store is just like every other Disney secret, which goes viral on social media, gaining around 906.9k views and 94.9k likes on TikTok. According to the creator's video, the exclusive shop - "Cast Connection" and Property Control, is located in Walt Disney World.

Here people can find special Disney merchandise but at a heavily discounted rate that can be delightful for any Disney collector. Besides selling merchandise, the store has Disney-themed furniture and even basics like food items and groceries. However, the Tiktok community was left in awe when the creator shared that the Cast Connection store is also full of furnishing goods deemed obsolete by Disney parks.

Image Source: TikTok | @disney_pintopia
Image Source: TikTok | @disney_pintopia

Here, people can purchase desks for only 25 cents. Also, marble nightstands are available for $25. Bulky wooden headboards are available for $1 only and pre-decorated Christmas garlands are on sale for $25. Besides the incredibly cheap furniture, grocery items such as fruits, vegetables, drinks and ketchup are available at astoundingly low prices. For those scratching their heads about these incredibly high-quality items selling out at cheap rates, @disney_pintopia provided an explanation in her video.

Since Disney parks purchase a huge amount of food items for their restaurants, they allow their employees to buy the excess food and obsolete items at low rates rather than throwing them away. Cast Connection also stores the retired Disney props, which are removed from the park, but are unfortunately not for sale. But according to the TikTok creator, there are certain rules which the employees need to abide by. The employees can only purchase the items for themselves and they can't ship them to others or give them away. Disney employees can't purchase discounted items to resell them either.

If anyone is caught reselling the exclusive items they have acquired from Cast Connection, they can get terminated. Since @disney_pintopia is an employee at Disney, she has managed to grab some lucrative deals from Cast Connection. Jealous Disney enthusiasts flooded the comment section, wanting to work with the Walt Disney Company. @the407fam exclaimed, "Oh my god, I need access."

In a follow-up video, she even revealed the items she obtained for just $1 and elaborated on the different edibles one could buy from the store. @disney_pintopia now has an Animal Kingdom bed platform, a 7-foot corkboard for her Disney pins and a giant vanity mirror from a resort remodel. We guess not everyone is as lucky as these Disney employees after all.

Image Source: Getty Images | Joe Raedle
Image Source: Getty Images | Joe Raedle

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