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The Seattle Mariners have adopted a dog to save him from euthanasia

The baseball clubhouse recently adopted Tucker, a 4-year-old Labrador retriever who would have otherwise been put down.

The Seattle Mariners have adopted a dog to save him from euthanasia
Image Source: MarinersPup / Twitter

The Seattle Mariners baseball team now has a new mascot. Meet Tucker! He is a Labrador retriever mix who was recently adopted by the generous baseball team to save him from euthanasia. The 4-year-old dog even has his own social media handles where fans can check out what a day in his life is like. Team members of the Seattle Mariners wished to use this opportunity to remind baseball fans that there is always a huge population of animals who need forever homes, NBC 15 reports.


According to the baseball team, Tucker will not double up as bat boy or be used to retrieve foul balls (although he loves playing with them very much!). Nonetheless, the newly adopted pup is definitely interested in snuggling with fans as well as his new teammates. A Twitter post uploaded by the "mascot" reads, "I am going to get to hang out at the ballpark all the time, travel with the squad and enjoy my very own unlimited supply of baseballs. It does not get better than this!"


Tucker was adopted by the baseball clubhouse from OkanDogs, an animal rescue service based in the underserved Okanogan area of Washington. As per the organization, there are no funded humane societies or shelters for Okanogan County dogs. Therefore, they are filling a major gap in the region. The initiative was launched in 2014 by Jan and Tom Short, who realized that any effort to assist had to be derived from the private sector, both in terms of financial support and work effort. So far, OkanDogs has helped thousands of dogs by funding and providing medical care, spaying and neutering and of course, helping furry friends find their forever homes.


They have done this by rapidly responding to dogs in need and building confidence and trust in the community. The organization's adoption rate nears 100% through the use of carefully chosen transfer partners who put local area dogs first. The euthanasia rate and overall fatality rate are almost nil. As the organization has grown, so have its followers and supporters. Evidently, the Seattle Mariners are big fans! If you would like to get involved or even adopt a puppy just like Tucker, you can do so by visiting OkanDogs' official website by clicking here. In the meantime, you can enjoy all of Tucker's adventures by following him on Twitter, where he is officially known as the Mariners Pup.


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