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The movie 'Barbie' has a fresh new take on modern dating with a catchy new phrase

'Barbie' introduces a new catchphrase, capturing the complexities of modern dating in a fresh and relatable way.

The movie 'Barbie' has a fresh new take on modern dating with a catchy new phrase
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Gabe Ginsberg

Warning: This article contains spoilers for 'Barbie'.

"Barbie's" satirical approach aptly labeled various aspects of our world that we recognized but struggled to articulate, notably the widespread presence of the "long-term long-distance low-commitment casual girlfriend." This phrase emerges when Barbie (Margot Robbie) returns to Barbie Land, now renamed Kendom due to Ken's (Ryan Gosling) influence of Patriarchy. The Kendom experiences a significant transformation with an abundance of horse imagery, numerous prints, a faux Minx coat, Boys' Night and the brainwashing of Barbies, altering their roles to cater to the whims and needs of Kens, even serving them beer.

In the midst of these changes, Ken proposes to Barbie, offering her the position of his "long-term long-distance low-commitment casual girlfriend." This scenario struck a relatable chord for viewers familiar with complicated romantic dynamics.

Image Source: TikTok/@gpvafi
Image Source: TikTok/@gpvafi

The phrase is gaining popularity on TikTok, where various users created their own versions, turning the camera towards themselves, and expressing their realization of how strongly the wording resonates with them. A TikTok user, @gpvafi, posted a video with the text overlay reading, "Me and the girls in a long term long distance low commitment casual girlfriend relationship when ms Greta Gerwig put into words the stupidity of it."

Throughout the movie, Ken desires exclusivity from Barbie and wants her to rely solely on him for support, which is a complete departure from the traditional roles of Barbies and Kens in Barbie Land. However, Ken is unwilling to put in the effort required for a genuine relationship, resembling a more innocent version of a playboy in this context.

Image Source: TikTok/@elmoisntmyname
Image Source: TikTok/@elmoisntmyname


Image Source: TikTok/@imbaby666
Image Source: TikTok/@imbaby666

Netizens related to the TikTok video, which has gained over 66.4k likes on the platform. @kayla__rae commented, "My friend whispering 'I should break up with him' next to me. I couldn't BREATHE." The movie's brutal portrayal of the truth proved to be a moment of self-realization for a lot of women. @furiosa_pearl commented, "Girl, I've been out of it for two years and still got hit with such a strong wave of embarrassment." Another user, @emilymemoly, shared, "Cured me of wanting to text him."

Youngsters today get into a "situationship." Being in a situationship refers to a romantic relationship that lacks clear commitment and defined boundaries. In a situationship, individuals may engage in activities typically associated with a romantic partnership, such as spending time together, emotional intimacy and even physical intimacy, but without explicitly labeling the relationship or defining its future. @voteknope, who seemed to be in a situationship, commented, "It made me rethink my situationship not texting me for a week LMAOOOO." Ken's insistence on seeking a "long-term long-distance low-commitment casual girlfriend" ends up backfiring when the Barbies exploit the Kens' insecurities, pretending to share their interests and showing interest in other Kens during a serenade.

This relationship dynamic needs to sit better with our main Barbie, who was never really invested in Ken, to begin with. However, this experience leads Ken to understand himself better and align more with Barbie's choice of music, particularly vibing with the Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine," which serves as her National Anthem.

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