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Woman who has given birth to 11 children in 10 years, wants to have more. 'The more the merrier.'

Courtney Rogers has been giving birth every year since 2010 and the longest she has gone without being pregnant is just nine months.

Woman who has given birth to 11 children in 10 years, wants to have more. 'The more the merrier.'
Image Source: Instagram/Courtney Rogers

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 11, 2021. It has since been updated.

Courtney Rogers, 37, married her pastor husband Chris, 33, in October 2008 after the two met through mutual friends. Two years after their marriage, the Rogers' welcomed their first child. And since then, Courtney has given birth to a child every year and is now a mother to 11 kids. But she has made her intention to have more kids clear. She will not stop till she has at least 12 kids—maybe even 14. She was a virgin bride when she married Chris and the longest she has gone without being pregnant is just nine months, according to the Daily Mail.




They have six boys and five girls with the youngest who was born in November 2020. Their children are Clint, 11, Clay, 9, Cade, 8, Callie, 7, Cash, 6, twins Colt and Case, 5, Calena, 4, Caydie, 2, Coralee, 23 months and Caris, 6 months. They are all being homeschooled by Courtney on their 12-acre farm in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. "I love having them with me all the time and seeing them learn and knowing what they are learning," said Courtney. "I can adapt the lessons to each child and I don't have to make them sit for hours all day. I love how it's flexible and the kids can run around outside or feed the lambs between lessons."




The parents were homeschooled as well and insisted that it is the best way to educate their children. Chris hails from a big family where he is the eldest of 10 children. Courtney, also, is the eldest of six children. “The kids want us to be like the film 'Cheaper by the Dozen,' where the parents compromise their careers to raise 12 children," Courtney told The Sun. “Having several kids in diapers at once and having lots of strollers – this is normal life to us." Chris is a pastor while Courtney is a stay-at-home mom. She sometimes teaches local kids at church Sunday school. Along with the kids, they also have to tend to their farm which houses two bottle-fed lambs, dogs and chickens.




Courtney and Chris have a lot on their plate and a lot of mouths to feed. The family's monthly food bills easily amount to $1,200. Earlier this year, the family had to cut out all activities that would cost them extra, such as eating out and making unnecessary purchases, that would cost them well over $1,000 a month to make ends meet. The kids wear hand-me-down clothes and the family does not buy Christmas presents for each other, which easily saves them more than $100 each. Instead, they take a yearly camping trip and visit their family that lives in Georgia. This week-long vacation with the travel and other expenses costs them $1,000.




They are often criticized for having so many children so close to each other. “The people who ask how I can give all my kids enough attention are usually those who send their kids off to school," Courtney shot back. "I do not understand their logic when I am around my kids 24 hours a day.” She has had seven vaginal births and two C-sections, one of which was to twins. She has also sadly had two miscarriages. "I love being pregnant. I love growing another person inside me, thinking about what they will be like and picking out names," she said and believes that "the more the merrier." She has not regretted having these many children at all. 




Courtney's one exciting delivery story is how she gave birth to her third son, Cade. “I began to get contractions on his due date," she recalled. "I was already 3cm dilated, but after a while on the monitor, my contractions basically stopped and the nurse got instructions to send me home." But later that night, she woke up in horrible pain. “I called the hospital again and was told to come in, so made my way outside, but when I got to the car, I couldn't go any further. It was time to push," she said. She then ended up giving birth to Cade in their driveway just as emergency services arrived to help her out. Courtney shares the family adventures on her Instagram as well as her website.



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