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The internet can't decide if this matching toe-tag marriage tattoo trend is cute or trashy

The toe-tag this unidentified couple got on their feet was marking the end of their life, after marriage.

The internet can't decide if this matching toe-tag marriage tattoo trend is cute or trashy
Image Source: Reddit/u/knownothingwiseguy

Getting a tattoo is a meaningful process. Well, at least they should be since they are permanent and will be embedded into your skin forever. Most people put a lot of effort into picking a design that has a special significance and purpose because they will have to live with it for a long, long time. Some people get matching tattoos to make the tattoos even more memorable, with a special connection. But despite their best efforts, sometimes, some designs would have been best left in the drafts folder. These are, of course, personal choices. So, to each their own.

Now, a photo of a couple and their matching tattoo is doing the rounds on the internet. The picture was shared on Reddit in the "Trashy" subreddit. The tattoo is inspired by the toe-tag that would be put on a corpse in a morgue for identification. But the tag this unidentified couple got on their feet was marking the end of their life, after marriage. Totally the sign of a happy and healthy marriage. The tattoo looks like a realistic tag with worn-out edges and shadow details as well. Tagged onto their big toe, it spreads across the top of their feet, reaching all the way to their ankle. 

Source: Reddit/u/knownothingwiseguy


The tag like actual tags includes details such as the couple’s name, their birth dates, and the date they got married, which was March 27 this year. For the cause of their death, it stated: “Marriage.” This was followed by a sign-off that they were each other’s property, as it is in a marriage. The tattoo artist has done a great job in the execution of a questionable tattoo design choice. But the internet is divided on their opinion about the tattoo. Some people think it's a unique and hilarious idea while others could not move past the fact that they thought the couple had really nasty-looking feet.

One Reddit user commented hilariously: Yeah how about matching pedicures next. Another person wrote: In a weird way I could find this slightly funny but the state of their feet makes me gag. People tried to explain the dirty feet by saying that it was probably the ink from the tattoo itself. For those who could overlook the morbid implications of the tattoo, they thought the tattoo was adorable. One user said: Lol, I actually find this funny yet cute at the same time. Hope they stay married, otherwise, it would suck. In response, another person said, If not it would check out. Further dwelling along the same lines a Redditor wrote: I mean as long as they are and stay happy together it just seems like a cute joke. To which another user added: It’s actually still funny if they don’t work out, IMO. As if it were always a doomed marriage, but they had their fun with it.

Source: Reddit


There were other Redditors with pretty brutal opinions. E-commerceguy wrote: I mean obviously these tattoos are hideous, but let’s be clear. If you go to get a foot tattoo and you haven’t washed your feet in weeks, then you’re kind of a gross and shitty person. I am honestly surprised the tattoo artist didn’t make them wash their feet before touching them. That’s just gross. Another brutal opinion came from Famous_Recording_632 who said, I love how someone basically goes out of their way to downvote anyone who points out that the feet are dirty. Dirty or not, they're still ugly and disgusting. The tattoo is over the top, a bad choice. I won't even comment on the age difference or the pedicure of the woman.

Source: Reddit




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