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The Grinch is ready to greet (un)wanted visitors this holiday season in his own special way

Not everyone is a fan of the holiday season and Ring has come up with a way to make the Grinches in our lives feel included.

The Grinch is ready to greet (un)wanted visitors this holiday season in his own special way
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Ring

Christmas is a time of fun, cheer and happiness for most people. However, that isn't the case for everyone. Much like Chandler from "FRIENDS" who didn't enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving but still had dinner with his friends, many like to be a part of the holiday gatherings without any of the festivities. And that is why Ring came up with the perfect solution. The smart security company has come up with a set of "Quick Reply" doorbell options that, when rung, celebrate the holidays in true Grinch fashion. And no, these aren't your normal messages. These have character.

Think of this like an outgoing message recorded by the Grinch but for your house instead of your phone. Out of the six fun message options that you have, the first one says, "Huh? A visitor? To this house? Max! Should I scare them away? (Dog Barks) Ughhh, fine... you're no fun. They'll be right there." In this message, the Grinch seems to be talking to Max as to whether or not he should scare the guests at the door away. Pretty cool, isn't it?


The second message goes a step further and gives the Grinch more personality. It says, "Oh, thank goodness. They're trying to make me sing songs and bake cookies in there. Me! The Grinch! But now that you're here—you can do it! They'll be right there, don't you move!" This message makes it seem as if the Grinch has been captured and stuck in a house full of festive cheer against his will. The third message says, "OK, hello? Hi. (Coughing) Seems like there’s a bit of a SnAFuuuUuuUU with the Roast Beast in there. Woo, that is stinging my eyes! (Sniffs) Too much Who-Sauce! Sorry, please leave a message.” This message asks people to come back later or leave a message, basically because there's an apparent snafu going on with a beast inside.


The fourth message says, "Hello, it's the Grinch — what do you want? No! Don't answer that. Instead, please leave a message after the weird sound I'm about to make: (Makes sound) OOOEEOWWUUNNGG." Here, the Grinch turns this doorbell into a proper outgoing message for the house, which is just hilarious! The next message says, "(Horrified) Oh my... Oh my word... there's just so much paper and tape and bows and smiling. So much laughter! I've gotta get out of here! Leave them a message!" This drama is wonderful, especially because it makes it seem as if the Grinch is stuck in a house of (happy) horrors!

Image Source: TikTok | @organisedbyem
Image Source: TikTok | @organisedbyem

The last message is the one with the most character. It says, "Oooo! Look who it is! Are you stopping by for a bit of festive cheer? Ya, whatever. Yuck. Unfortunately, there is plenty of cheer to go around, but now you can have my portion! They’ll be there in a bit. Enjoy!" This message was also played in a TikTok video posted by Organised by Em (@organisedbyem) wherein they also explain how to set these special doorbell responses. 

Image Source: TikTok | @organisedbyem
Image Source: TikTok | @organisedbyem

A lot of people commented on the video, stating they would probably buy or have already bought the Ring. @paige3815 said, "I was going to put one on mine but it sounds nothing like the Grinch." @kellylouiseeverett commented, "OMG! Just done it on mine; absolutely love it!" @smb3376 asked: "Does the blink doorbell have this option?" All said and done, this Christmas is for everyone—the elves and the grinches.

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