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Heartwarming friendship between a rescue dog and goat finds forever home together

Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog have formed an inseparable bond, and the Wake County Animal Center was able to find them a new home at a local farm.

Heartwarming friendship between a rescue dog and goat finds forever home together
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ Wake County Government

Cinnamon, a goat, and Felix, a dog, were brought to the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, together by an animal control officer. The staff noticed that they were very affectionate towards each other. Though the shelter usually does not accept farm animals, the staff made an exception and welcomed them. But after separating them, they noticed that Cinnamon was bleating and calling out for Felix, so they reunited the pair.


The owner of the animals did not have anyone to care for them, so they were at the shelter for ten days. However, when the owner did not come to get them, the shelter decided to get them adopted together. They posted a message on Facebook, hoping to find a rescue who could take the bonded pair and find them the perfect home.

The Facebook post has garnered thousands of likes, and offers from people with small farms in the Raleigh area began pouring in. On March 27, a local farm agreed to take in the pair after Felix was neutered. The new home already had other goats, and they hoped to integrate Cinnamon into the goat herd.



“They are adorable best buddies,” said Jennifer Federico, director of animal services at the shelter. “The ideal situation for her would be grazing on some grass at a farm somewhere with Felix nearby.” Felix is a block-headed bulldog mix who is mellow and loves being around humans, but he also shows affection towards the goat. He seems to enjoy being around her, and even when he was taken away briefly to see how he got along with other dogs, he would lick Cinnamon when he returned to tell her, “I’m back.”

Image Source: Wake County Animal Center
Image Source: Wake County Animal Center


According to The Washington Post, while plans are being finalized to get the pair into their new permanent home, they seem content to nap and play together at the shelter. Although they need to be separated by a divider in their kennel when they eat, Cinnamon loves cuddling with Felix. They have won over the staff at the shelter and are clearly comfortable with each other. “This definitely isn’t normal, but they really are comfortable together,” Federico said. “Who are we to judge? They obviously love each other.”


The story of Cinnamon and Felix is an unusual one, but it highlights the strong bond that can form between animals. The shelter staff made an exception to their usual policy because they recognized this bond, and it paid off when they were able to find a new home where the pair could stay together. Cinnamon and Felix have won the hearts of many people, and their story is a reminder that animals have the capacity for love and friendship, just like humans.

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