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Animal shelter saves disabled dogs and gives them a second chance at life

The shelter also runs a free-of-charge clinic that vaccinates, sterilizes, and neuters pets for free.

Animal shelter saves disabled dogs and gives them a second chance at life

They say a dog is man's best friend, but for more than 600 dogs in Thailand, it's a Swedish chef named Michael J. Baines. The Swede runs a shelter for dogs, primarily stray dogs that are hurt. There are a large number of stray dogs in Thailand. Many dogs that are injured are not cared for and often left to die. Baines, who had moved to Thailand, made it his personal mission to help cats and dogs. He has already rescued more than 2,000 dogs and cats. He then went on to start an animal shelter to help support them. The shelter's name basically describes him—The Man That Rescues Dogs. The shelter has more than 30 members of staff including assistant Chris Chidichimo. The shelter takes care of more than 600 animals. He has also helped fit wheelchairs for dogs that have lost their legs or were paralyzed to help with mobility.


“The biggest challenge is facing different situations that come up unexpectedly. We have our routine with feeding, walking, cleaning, physio and hydrotherapy, things like that. But as a rescue organization, we’re dealing with severe emergency cases on a daily basis. Therefore, we have to remain flexible, but it is definitely a challenge,” said Baines in an interview with Bored Panda. For the dogs, the day starts at 5 a.m, when they are cleaned, before starting their walk at 6 a.m. Their walk is followed by breakfast. The shelter also feeds dogs on the street which is done with the help of a truck, which leaves at 7 a.m. "At 10 am we do hydro and physiotherapy, giving our disabled dogs additional exercise. Dogs are walked again at 2 pm, then fed again, then more cleaning," said Baines. He also runs a free-of-charge clinic which is booked every day. Two veterinarians and one assistant is employed to provide medical care to dogs. "We don’t charge for our service as long as we can spay or neuter their pet. It’s more important for us to have healthy, vaccinated, and sterilized animals in our community than it is to turn a profit,” said Baines.


Baines wants to give a second chance to dogs that were abandoned and injured. He says nothing brings him more happiness than watching injured animals getting to run again with the help of wheelchairs. “Without a doubt, it’s giving the sick, neglected, abused street dogs of Thailand the second chance that they deserve. When you see a paralyzed dog in their wheelchair for the first time, running free and smiling, that’s right up there as one of the best parts of the process,” said Baines. “When you love what you do, you just have to remember that every single part of our job is to better the lives of the dogs in our care. It’s intense and definitely emotional at times. When our hearts get broken as they often do, you just remember there are others that need us. It’s ok to stop, have a good cry, and then continue on serving the dogs that need us.” Most of his work is helped by donations and it takes the shelter more than $1,350 USD every day to operate. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and also donate to the shelter as well. Here are some images from the shelter that'll warm your heart.









Image source: Instagram/themanthatrescuesdogs









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