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Teen's kind gesture makes life easier for his best friend who was being bullied at school

Knowing that his friend was feeling low about being bullied, the boy bought him a thoughtful and much-needed gift at his own expense.

Teen's kind gesture makes life easier for his best friend who was being bullied at school
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WGRZ TV

Having a best friend who understands us even when we don't express our feelings is a blessing. Teens, in particular, find it difficult to voice out their problems at school, especially about being bullied and tend to suffer in silence. Even when parents fail to notice their kids' unhappy souls masked by their happy faces, best friends have a knack for identifying a gloomy mind. Such was the case for Melvin Anderson, who had been going through a tough time with bullies at school and his best friend Romello Early decided to help him out of his misery, as per WGRZ.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mikhail Nilov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mikhail Nilov

The two best friends are seventh-grade students at Buffalo Creek Academy in the Old First Ward neighborhood of Buffalo, USA. Recently, Anderson was made fun of by the bullies at his school for wearing run-down shoes. Despite Anderson trying not to show any signs of his miserable situation, Early noticed that the bullying was impacting his best friend's mental state. "It just put a real bad ache in my stomach to see somebody have to go through that and to be picked on just based off appearance," Early told the news channel. Being a true flagbearer of his school's four core principles, "Leadership, integrity, focus and excellence," Early decided to put an end to Anderson being bullied.


With the money that he had saved up, Early asked his mother to take him to a shoe shop to buy a new pair of shoes for Anderson. The kind-hearted teen even offered to give up his Christmas gift for that year to afford Anderson's shoes. One fine day in October 2022, Early gifted the shoes to Anderson at school, stirring the hearts of the parents and faculty. Being grateful for his friend's thoughtful gesture, Anderson said, "I'm doing chores at home so I can earn some money to try and pay him back for what he did for me." But Early insisted that his best friend was not obligated to pay him back for the gift. "This is my man, right here," said Anderson, proud of having such a great friend.

Just like they say, "Opposites attract," the best friends are polar opposites not only in their personalities but also in their heights. Early, who is 4 feet 6 inches tall, explained, "At my old school, throughout all the grades, I was picked on because of my height. That made me think about how nobody else should have to go through how I felt." Wise words for such a young mind. The school's Dean of Culture, Bryant Brown Jr., got emotional witnessing such a heartwarming friendship and shared it on Facebook. "This is what I live for. Be that helping hand," Brown's post read. The dean hopes that Early's kindness inspires the other students to help others more. This story is a true example of the saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."


In another similar instance, a New Jersey student saved his fellow schoolmates from being bullied for wearing dirty clothes by installing a community washer and dryer at school. As per CNN's reports, Jimmy Tomredle collaborated with his school staff and local appliance stores as part of his project for the Leadership Academy of Humanities Program and made the free laundry service possible for the kids. With Tomredle's efforts the school saw a rise in students' attendance who had previously skipped classes due to bullying. How the youth can change the world with their kindness is absolutely heartening.


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