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Teen's casual detour to home turns into a life-saving venture for stranger in need

The Texan teen never expected that taking a different route home would lead to an unforgettable situation that allowed him to save a life.

Teen's casual detour to home turns into a life-saving venture for stranger in need
Cover Image Source: YouTube | KFDM YouTube

Life has a strange way of letting us know that some things happen for a reason. At least once in our lives, there will come a situation where we do things impromptu simply because our instincts tell us so. Even such simple choices can lead to great consequences that have the potential to alter our day, year, or even life. That was the case when Elijah Champion, a teen based in Nederland, Texas, decided to take a different route on his way back home rather than the one he came from and ended up helping a stranger in need, per KFDM.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Frank Merino
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Frank Merino

Champion walked to the Market Basket on Nederland Avenue in his town to pick up a job application. While he usually crosses Nederland Avenue by 27th Street, this time on his way back home he took 25th Street. That is where he came across an older who was in need of help. Champion revealed, "Because I walked down to Family Dollar, I came down the road he was on. I know if I had just crossed immediately, I wouldn’t have seen him." The old man was lying on the road unaided as his hips had given out and was unable to walk to his home which was a mile and a half away. Champion said, "When I found him, he was lying on the side of the road with his bottom half in the grass and his top half in the road itself."


Talking about how inconsiderate the passersby were, Champion said, "When people drove by, they made sure to go around him, so it was pretty obvious they had seen him." That is when Champion decided to find a ride to help the patriarch and went door to door to ask the residents. After knocking on nearly 15 doors, Champion finally found help. The teen's considerate request was captured by the ring camera of the man who agreed to help. Sydney Ferguson, the media channel's reporter of this news, posted on Facebook about the boy's heroic act. In her interview with Champion, the boy mentioned, "I felt relieved and surprised at the same time because I knew that if I tried hard enough, I would find someone who would help," and also worried about the residents' ignorance saying, "It was disappointing just to see how many people wouldn’t help another human being."

The old man whom Champion put out of misery said that he was really grateful for the teen's timely aid. He also said that though he was lying there for just a short period, he was expecting to be there for a long time without help. "I was impressed with that young man. I mean he actually walked down two or three blocks down the road and got someone to help me. It’s the good lord looking after me. Nice to know that there are still people out there that will help you," he said. The ring camera video of Champion asking for help gained him huge recognition among the Nederland residents. Though Champion didn't expect to receive such acknowledgment for his random act of kindness, he was happy that it might inspire someone. He said, "I think if everyone helped out each other this world would be a lot happier."


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