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Teen wonders if he is in the wrong after family criticizes his hobby of baking for his girlfriend

A baking enthusiast made 100 desserts for his girlfriend but his family was not too happy about his efforts.

Teen wonders if he is in the wrong after family criticizes his hobby of baking for his girlfriend
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Rafal Nawrocki; Reddit | u/CrackSnapYo

People passionate about creating often start by sharing their creations with family. Take baking, for example. Most people bake for their household first. However, u/CrackSnapYo, a 16-year-old, baked numerous desserts for his girlfriend, which caused a rift in his family. He turned to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for his actions.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

"I started dating my girlfriend two years ago. I also got super super into baking around that time. I bake a lot. My girlfriend loves desserts. So, I've given her a ton of stuff I bake, all kinds of different stuff. I often try to bake something new and then she gets to try something new. I honestly love baking way more than eating it. My girlfriend is the opposite," the post mentioned. His girlfriend, who had a sweet tooth, decided to prepare a scrapbook and fill it up with snapshots of everything her boyfriend had baked her so far.

"She gave me this scrapbook after I baked her, her 100th dessert," the post mentioned about the wholesome gift. "It was filled with a picture of every dessert I've baked and pictures of me baking and her eating. She wrote a paragraph about each item I baked. Each item was dated too. She had been working on this for two years. She also wrote a long letter on how proud she is of my baking hobby, thanking me for the sweets and telling me how much she loves me. It was the sweetest gift I've ever gotten and I honestly cried."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Adrienn
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Adrienn

However, this did not go down well with his family when he decided to show the scrapbook to his mom and sister. While he expected them to think that it was a cute gift, his family got upset at him instead. "They were angry I've spent so much time baking for my girlfriend and not them. I just got into this habit and I loved making my girlfriend happy as well since she loves desserts," the post concluded. Reddit users readily took his side and shared their thoughts on this incident, criticizing the mom and sister's sour reaction to the scrapbook.

u/eniretakia wrote, "Given that you're living at home and your mum and sister had to have been at least somewhat aware of the frequency of your baking (100 dishes in two years seems like roughly once a week and often enough to be noticeable). It's strange to me that they're just deciding to be mad about this now. Surely, if this was a real issue, it could have been raised much earlier." u/whymiheretho pointed out, "Is the moment your close relative shows you a precious, thoughtful, emotional gift the moment to address it? If so, is it fair or reasonable to do so by ignoring the gift -and the feelings of the giftee- by getting pissed off? No, in my opinion." 

Image Source:Reddit | u/Sarin031
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sarin031

u/Satan1992 added, "In another comment thread, he said he has a job and buys his ingredients. If his family wants him to make desserts for them, that's a completely acceptable request. The issue is that that isn't what they did. They didn't ask him for anything and acted rudely towards him for not doing something they never asked. This isn't him being ignorant of his family's interest in his hobby. It's his family taking no interest in his hobby but acting entitled to his hobby's rewards."

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