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Teen with rare genetic disorder attends her first-ever concert from accessible seats

To accommodate Nora's wheelchair, the stadium blocked off seats around her. Her mom 'hopes to give Nora the experience of being a normal teen.'

Teen with rare genetic disorder attends her first-ever concert from accessible seats
Cover Image Source: Instagram/goodentreemom

The world seems a better place when people act sensitive enough to help someone experience better moments in life. Taylor Swift performed on her Eras Tour at Nissan Stadium, which meant a Tennessee teen with a rare genetic disorder was finally able to see her favorite musician. It was also the 14-year-old's first concert. Nora Gooden, who has spinal muscular atrophy, uses a wheelchair that keeps her sideways and needs breathing assistance. Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare genetic disorder that attacks motor neurons and weakens the voluntary muscles used for crawling, walking, head and neck control and swallowing. 


Nora's parents surprised her with tickets to the singer's sold-out May 6 concert at Nashville's Nissan Stadium to celebrate her 14th birthday. Her parents filmed the sweet moment Nora found out she would be attending the concert on TikTok, as well as when she received a Taylor Swift t-shirt and CD. The tickets were obtained by her parents spending hours clicking around online.

However, after calling Nissan Stadium, the staff relocated Nora and her parents to better seats. "I was able to purchase accessible seats with a side stage view, but Nissan moved us to a different accessible area where Nora would be able to see better," her mom, Jaime, told The Tennessean via e-mail. "They also blocked off seats around us to accommodate Nora’s wheelchair. She lays sideways, so they made sure she would be able to see with the railing height. They have been really helpful."


Her parents wanted to limit her exposure to others despite the fact that she is on an at-home treatment called Evrysdi. However, her mom is "stepping out of her comfort zone to bring Nora to the concert, where she hopes to give Nora the experience of being a normal teen," a spokeswoman said in a statement to PEOPLE. Viewers on TikTok were also very supportive of her surprise. "Have a fantastic time! One you will never forget!" @jbecker2002 wrote. "Happy birthday to her I hope she has an enchanting experience," wished @starstrrruck. "How can a Swiftie send this Queen a friendship bracelet?" asked @milescormier

Once she attended the concert, Instagram followers expressed an abundance of joy for her. "I got chills too!!!! I loved that Norah had this opportunity," commented @lymaribergollo. "Thank you for sharing this with us! What an amazing experience. I'm so happy Nora got to go!" said @amy.mcbroom. "How cool is this!! I bet you Nora had chills as well, she's the coolest kid!" wrote @yessig29.

"How exciting! I love Nora's yes eyebrows," added @jencala4e. We do hope Nora and her parents enjoyed their time at the concert. Taylor Swift, we guess, would have felt honored to have Nora attend the concert. 


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