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Teen who lost her mom on homecoming day gets a touching tribute from classmate: 'Felt so much love'

She was grieving her mom when a classmate got up and paid tribute to her mother in the best way possible.

Teen who lost her mom on homecoming day gets a touching tribute from classmate: 'Felt so much love'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @britt_woodsss

Homecoming is a special event for every high school student as it's a tradition that fosters a sense of belonging and school spirit. It allows students to celebrate school pride and build lasting memories with friends. However, for Brittany Walters, it was a sad day as she bore witness to her mother passing away from cancer. According to CNN, Walter's mother made her promise that she would make it for her big day no matter what happened.


Her mother, A.J. Walters, was an administrator at Mississippi's Forrest Country Agricultural High School and always showed up for her daughter's events while she was growing up. However, she couldn't make it to her daughter's homecoming and passed away earlier that day. It was a tragic day for Brittany but she was in for a surprise from her classmate Nyla Covington. Covington had gained enough votes to be crowned Homecoming Queen, but upon receiving the crown she decided to give it to Walter knowing the grief she had suffered. Just a few moments after being given the crown, Covington checked with school officials and walked over to Walters, giving her the crown.

Covington spoke about it to CNN, saying, "I just felt like it was something that was put on my heart. It was really just for her, to bring up her day a little bit and she'd rather have her mom than a crown but the point was, I was telling her that she was her mom's queen and I was just letting her know that she was loved by many and especially me." Walters revealed that she was thinking of her own mother who was a "school mom" to many during the ceremony.

She was quite shocked by Covington's gesture, saying, "I just felt so like so much love from her, and I just felt so much love for her and the whole school." She continued, "As soon as I got off the field, I just got hundreds of hugs from every single person in the stands." The school's principal Will Wheat said, "That wasn’t preplanned, this was all on the kids, that’s the beautiful thing about it. We are elated and we are so thrilled over their actions and how they represent the school."

Sean Walters, Brittany's father thanked Covington's parents and commended them for doing a "wonderful job" in raising their kids. The wholesome moment was captured on video and Walters has shared it on her TikTok page captioned, "One of the hardest nights of my life without her. I have so much love for everyone involved. We all lost a mom that day." The video has got 621K likes and 2814 comments on the platform. People loved the gesture and chimed in with their thoughts in the comments section.

Image Source: TikTok/@kenzi.burton
Image Source: TikTok/@kenzi.burton
Image Source: TikTok/@raeganbreazeale
Image Source: TikTok/@raeganbreazeale

@dachshundlover76 said, "To the young lady who gave up her crown your parents should be very proud of the amazing young lady they raised." @mackk_tinkerr commented, "You look absolutely stunning though!! Your mama was smiling down on you from heaven! So proud of the beautiful girl." @syd.simm optimistically said, "Girl I saw this a couple of days ago, you’re so strong. Your mom loved you so much. Keep going for her."

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