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Teen leaves mom in tears by sharing his graduation with her because she 'never got the chance'

The 18-year-old expresses gratitude to mother by appreciating and sharing his graduation regalia with her as she was cheering for him.

Teen leaves mom in tears by sharing his graduation with her because she 'never got the chance'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/thekid.danny

Motherhood marks a special journey. From the time a mom holds her baby, she knows she will fight the world for her kid. Being a mother means sacrificing more than one can imagine. However, sacrifices are also made by the kids for their parents when the time comes. These acts are supported and strengthened by love and the bond they share and a great example of this was shared by a teen named Danny (thekid.danny) on Instagram. 

Image Source: Instagram/@thekid.danny
Image Source: Instagram/thekid.danny

The teenager posted a video from his graduation wherein he was wearing his regalia. The video was a short clip wherein he came to his mother, who was already emotional at the thought of her son having completed a milestone. He took off his graduation cap and gave it to his mother who understood his gesture. She took the cap and got teary feeling immense gratitude for her son. He also gave her his black robe and embraced her with joyful tears. The video was captioned, “Will never forget this moment.” The duo cries happy tears knowing that it was not one but two people who had succeeded that day. 

Image Source: Instagram/@thekid.danny
Image Source: Instagram/thekid.danny


Danny’s post prompted other users to think about all the emotional moments we have shared with our parents, perhaps the sacrifices they have made for us and vice versa. The 18-year-old knew that his mother deserved much more and chose to share not just the graduation cap and robe but even his special moments and feelings with her. Comments flowed in on the post about the mother and son duo their love for each other and how they truly deserved the special moment. yaha929292 commented: "I respect you bro. You are good to your parents. They must be proud of you." lol_nk361 said: "Very proud of you, you will be a great man in society."

Image Source: Instagram/@thekid.danny
Image Source: Instagram/ thekid.danny


As a mother, the woman realized that she didn’t only receive a graduation but also a mature, loving and kind gentleman who was the prize of her upbringing and parenting. Danny posted a few other images in another post where he shared more glimpses of the special day. The images included him and his mother posing with their graduation caps and gifts. His mother was wearing his robe and the candid image speaks for itself. Moreover, their graduation cap toppers were both different and touching. Danny's cap read, “God will carry you even when you have no strength left.” His mother had her topper which read, “ Para mi mamá que llegó sin nada pero me dio todo,” which loosely translates to, “For my mom who arrived with nothing but gave me everything.” 

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Danny captioned this post, “She never got the chance to graduate so I did it for her. Thank you for everything ma. Grandma, don't worry I got her.” Several viewers shared how the photos and videos from his graduation made their day in the comments section. His post speaks of the sacrifice his mother made. It is an inspiring way of reminding us of the many challenges our parents go through to bring us up and give us the best.

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