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Teen shares heartwarming letter she received from Obama: 'This is how a true president responds'

This is a heartwarming reminder of Obama's time in the White House and evidence of just how different things are under the Trump administration.

Teen shares heartwarming letter she received from Obama: 'This is how a true president responds'
Image Source: (L): Barack Obama speaks after receiving the 2017 John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Award on May 7, 2017, in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by CJ Gunther-Pool/Getty Images) (R): Reddit/u/surelyshirls

Three years into Donald Trump's presidency, most Americans are missing his predecessor more than ever. No matter how much Trump claims to be the best of the best, it's undeniable that former President Barack Obama simply had a way of winning hearts. Calm and collected in the face of calamities, Obama knew how to comfort American citizens no matter how dire the situation was. Leaving behind a legacy as one of the most relatable and beloved presidents of all time, the father-of-two continues to be admired by many across the world and rightfully so.

A letter from the former President shared by Reddit user Surelyshirls is a heartwarming reminder of Obama's time in the White House and evidence of just how disappointingly different things are under the Trump administration. Posting a photo of the letter on Reddit, the user wrote: When I was 17, around November 2016; I wrote to Obama about how much I would miss him being in office. I never expected a response but a few months after I received this! I’ve kept it safe ever since.


The letter reads: Dear Shirley, Thanks for your kind message. Michelle and I have been touched by the words of support we've received from Americans across our country, and I appreciate the time you've taken to write. I'm proud of the progress we've made together. Thanks to the participation and resolve of everyday Americans like you, our country is a better and stronger place today than it was before I took office. None of our accomplishments were inevitable - they were the result of people from every background and station in life stepping forward and embracing the important responsibilities of citizenship. As long as we continue working in common effort and presuming the inherent goodness in one another, I'm confident our brightest days will always lie ahead.


Again, thank you for writing. It was the honor of my life to serve as your President, and while there are many milestone moments we will always remember, it was my conversations with people like you that kept me going every single day. They've stayed with me, and they always will. Thanks for everything - I wish you the very best, it concludes. Other Reddit users couldn't help but appreciate the heartening tone of the letter with u/principer writing: THIS is how a true U.S. President responds.

Image Source: Reddit/surelyshirls

I miss Obama so much!!! Even if you did not agree with his politics, you had to respect him as a human being, a good father, a good husband, a good citizen. He was respectful, intelligent, knowledgable, thoughtful, level headed, pragmatic...etc. The best president we have had in a long time, wrote u/maritagator. Another user revealed that they'd received a letter from the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. u/IM_EARTHQUAKE wrote: I have a letter from Michelle Obama after my sister and I wrote to her in 2009 when we were 9. It also came with a little postcard, which we framed along with the letter and the envelope it came in. One of my favorite possessions!


u/Turing45 had a similar story to tell, writing: I have a letter from President Obama as well! I wrote him and thanked him for dedicating the Stonewall monument and not only did he reply with a very beautiful and touching letter, but he also sent me a formal, (Embossed with the seal and all the goodies), copy of the declaration. I have it framed on my wall in my living room and my dad mutters and curses about it every time he comes over. u/chicken_potpie shared: My daughter was born in 2013. Sent in a birth announcement to the White House and got a very cute “Welcome to the world, little one” letter from the Obamas. Thought that was pretty neat. It’s in her baby book.


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