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Mom shares the moment her son met his little sister 4 days after rescuing her from drowning in pool

Eric was 18 when he saw that his little sister Rose was drowning in a pool. Not only did he get her out, but also performed CPR on her which saved her life.

Mom shares the moment her son met his little sister 4 days after rescuing her from drowning in pool
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7

More often than not, when people share stories and memories on social media, they choose happy moments – the kind that showcase all things good and wonderful in life. However, one mom on TikTok chose another way. In her video on TikTok, Nina (@ninajohnson_7) chose to recollect a bittersweet incident that took place in her family. It was a video filled with stress, love and hope. 

Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7
Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7

The video on the surface looks like an elder brother is happy to see his younger sister, and it is super sweet. It is the backstory though, that explains things better. It is a story from September 2021. In the overlay text of her video, Nina wrote: "On September 6, 2021, our sweet Rose drowned in the pool. Eric was 18 then, pulled her out and performed CPR." She went on to elaborate, "This saved her life. This is their reunion after her four-day stay in the hospital." The love between the siblings radiates off the screen onto our hearts.

Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7
Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7

The probability of anything harming your child can also be scary. In this case, Rose actually did begin to drown. If not for Eric's presence of mind and ability to do CPR, something unfortunate could have happened. Nina went on to urge everyone to know how to perform CPR, as it can be a skill that can come in handy and actually save lives. In the caption of her video, she said, "Please, have everyone learn CPR in your family. You never know." The story of these siblings is proof that CPR can actually save a life. So, knowing how to do it seems like a logical thing to do.

Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7
Image Source: TikTok | @ninajohnson_7

Nina recorded the moment that Eric first saw his little sister. The surprise and happiness on his face are both genuine as well as evident. As seen in the video, the moment Eric sees Rose, he rushes towards her to pick her up and give her a tight hug. In spite of their father warning Eric in the video, saying, "She's grumpy," he went on to give her a tight hug. All this while, little Rose was still in her hospital gown all cute and flustered. Eric softly whispered an "I'm sorry" in Rose's ears while still holding her tight.

No one but your sibling knows what it's like to be raised by your parents, to be part of your particular family. Even if siblings are at odds with each other, they still share that formative experience. After seeing this video, a lot of people left heartfelt comments on it applauding Eric's presence of mind as well as the loving bond he shares with his sister. @misssassy1986 told lovingly, "He needed that hug and snuggle so bad. More than anyone will ever know. And that baby knew he needed it." Another user, @nlt237 added, "As soon as Dad said thank you I choked and immediately started crying. You know when she grows up she’ll tell this story to everyone. He’s her hero." While the drowning incident was unfortunate, this soulful reunion of the siblings is a sight to behold!

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