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Teen makes history as the first black homecoming queen in the school’s 155-year legacy

This significant achievement highlights the progress made in promoting diversity in the school, particularly through the efforts of the "The Black Excellence Society," a club she co-founded.

Teen makes history as the first black homecoming queen in the school’s 155-year legacy
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Racism has eaten away the innocence of co-existence and acceptance of differences. History has given us enough evidence of prejudice ruining the most beautiful element of this world, diversity. Beauty lies in the differences we possess but instead of being a point of adoration, these differences have often been a point of conflict. However, this Black History Month something remarkable happened in South Carolina that will go down in history as a proud moment.

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Amber Wilsondebriano, a high school senior at Charleston's Porter-Gaud High School, made history as the first black teen to be voted the homecoming queen in the school's history. She shared with USA Today, “When I was nominated, I didn't feel confident I would win.” She also said that she was told by many of her peers that they had been voting for her. “When the day came and my name was called, I was relieved and honored because I knew I was a part of history,” she expressed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Fauxels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Fauxels

The night was definitely one for the books of the school’s 155-year-old history, especially as it’s been extremely supportive of their black students' club called “The Black Excellence Society." Wilsondebriano spoke highly of the school’s administration, “I can't say enough how supportive the school has been of the club. They have funded catering for us and gave us a classroom to hold our meetings. I appreciate the school very much." She further revealed that her senior class barely has 10 black students and that they could all be accommodated in one classroom. She, along with her five friends, proposed the idea of a black students club to the directors who were quick to gladly give a thumbs up to the idea.

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Apart from being the homecoming queen and co-founder of The Black Excellence Society, Amber is also a self-taught painter who aims to study painting at The Savannah College of Art and Design starting next fall. She plans to work towards her dream of illustrating and writing children's books. Her mother described her as a “very special child” and “a blessing." She also added, “It's not surprising to me that the kids voted for her to become queen. She is a good friend and is very loyal."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

It’s not just about the crown for this history-making homecoming queen. The young girl holds a 4.66 GPA and is also the Chinese and Art Club co-leader. Her idea to have a safe space for black students in school truly paid off in this incredible moment when her peers of different races saw Amber for who she truly was and chose her to wear the crown of the school year. Moments like these raise the bar of expectations from the next generation to bring love and equality forward, leaving behind prejudice and oppression. Amber joins the league of torchbearers who prove that a united world is a better place.


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