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Teen hailed a hero for saving four people from drowning including a police officer

His impromptu decision to dive into the river and save lives exemplified the selflessness rarely witnessed.

Teen hailed a hero for saving four people from drowning including a police officer
Cover Image Source: Youtube | American Red Cross

In a world where full of violence, disaster and numerous other challenges, an act of kindness proves to be a beacon of hope. The profound significance of one's reaction and the genuine willingness to extend kindness cannot be underestimated. We as human beings are responsible to take care of each other and no one sets the example better than Corion Evans. Earlier in 2022, the then 16-year-old went out of his way to do an act of kindness and managed to save four lives. What happened more than a year ago is echoing in hearts even today. @CallToActivism recently shared the incident adding, “It's not often that you see people put others above themselves."


The tweet mentioned that Evans was driving in Mississippi when he saw a car crash into a river. Despite being only 16 years old, he made the spontaneous decision to jump into the water to rescue the victims. He heard three of them shouting for help and immediately swam over to the one closest to him and rescued her. Evans told Wlox news, “They drove straight into the water, there was only a little bit of the car that was above water. I was above water and trying to keep them above water and swim with them at the same time.”

Marquita Evans, his mother, added, “I was really glad that nothing happened to Corion when he was saving those people’s lives. I’m proud that Corion wasn’t thinking about himself and was thinking about saving those people’s lives.”


Evans also rescued another life while being at the scene with an officer on duty, Gary Merces. When he got to know about the situation he came over to help. However, while trying to save one of the girls, due to their panic, he was having a tough time rescuing them out of the water. Evans, seeing all of this, went back into the water to rescue Officer Gary. He explained, “I saw the police officer drowning so I went over there and got the police officer."

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Evans truly performed a heroic move by rescuing four people and saving their lives. His bravery was recognized and he was awarded by Mayor Billy Knight with a certification. Many people reposted his heroic act on their social media encouraging and congratulating him.@MarkoSilberhand posted a thank you to Corion for his selflessness. @Bobby_Don_Welch commented, “There are good people in this world. He’s a hero. Well done, sir! Well done.” @RebelwApplause said, “Very nice! I knew there was some humanity left in this world.”








The impact of Evans' good deed is still around even after one year. The girls will surely remember him for a lifetime for having saved their lives. It is simply amazing how people go out of their way to protect and save others. Kindness starts with simple gestures but Evans took it up a notch by risking his life for strangers.

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