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17-year-old cashier confronts anti-masker 'Karen': 'I am doing my job. Put it on or leave'

The woman tried to play both the anti-masker classics of "I have a medical exemption" and "you are discriminating against me."

17-year-old cashier confronts anti-masker 'Karen': 'I am doing my job. Put it on or leave'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/applesandbananas69

The overwhelming number of "anti-masker Karen" videos that hit the internet last year have made it seem like insufferable, privileged adults are a specialty of the US alone. However, in reality, they're present in almost every corner of the world in some form or fashion. This was once again made evident by a shopper in Alberta, Canada, who recently went viral for refusing to wear a mask in a grocery store and arguing about it with a 17-year-old cashier who was just trying to do her job. In a video captured by the teen and posted on TikTok, the anti-masker can be seen showing off her fifty shades of annoying.


Image Source: TikTok/applesandbananas69


While the video begins with the shopper trying to launch her camera to record her confrontation with the cashier at the checkout lane, it is evident from the heated conversation that they have been going at it for a while. "So you need to wear a mask," the teen patiently explains to the woman. "If you don't, you need to leave our store. I've asked you many times, politely. If you don't, you need to leave our store." The shopper, however, refuses to budge and instead pulls out the ever-so-predictable "but I have a medical exemption" card in response.


"So, I have a medical exemption with a doctor's note," she begins in a rather condescending tone, only to be cut off by the cashier who seems to have heard that one a few too many times. "I am told that nobody gets a medical exemption in our store. That is what I am told, and I am doing my job," the teen clearly states to the customer. "People like you make our job very difficult. I am a 17-year-old girl and I am asking you, a grown woman, to wear a mask. Put it on or leave."


Stubborn as nails, the shopper continues to harass the teen, mockingly asking her: "Are you my doctor?" When the cashier reiterates that she cannot be inside the store without wearing a mask, the woman claims that her doctor told her not to wear one. She refuses to leave the store despite being asked multiple times and also accuses the teen of discriminating against her for "disability."




"I have a disability and I cannot wear a mask," she claims. The video highlights the uncomfortable position essential workers like the teen are put in almost every day during this pandemic. On top of risking their own health by showing up for work, they also find themselves having to choose between ignoring those who purposefully break the rules and threaten the safety of everyone by not wearing masks or risking a confrontation with these anti-maskers, who are more often than not yearning for an argument from the moment they walk into public establishments.




Twitter, as usual, had a lot to say about the woman's infuriating behavior towards the frustrated cashier. "For the 10 billionth time - There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. A. Medical. Condition. That. Precludes. Anyone. From. Wearing. A. Mask," tweeted @Chef_KateM. "These people really need to understand that when they say they have a medical condition, it actually makes them look dumber not to wear a mask while IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC ffs," commented @Nepthai1982. "Before even watching, I said to myself this has to be Alberta. Low and behold I was correct. Alberta is like Florida & Texas. My neighbors are gun-loving rednecks and I'm outnumbered," wrote @CarriePower4.








"As a Family Doctor in Alberta, Canada, I have yet to meet a single patient who has qualified for mask exemption. Even my patients on oxygen will wear masks. Also, no business in Alberta is required to accept mask exemptions, this is not mandated by our govt, she is lying," explained @TRexMD780.

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