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13-year-old becomes the first female in skateboarding history to land the 720 trick

She worked really hard to achieve a feat that has never been done by any female before and the teen has big Olympic plans ahead.

13-year-old becomes the first female in skateboarding history to land the 720 trick
Cover Image Source: (L) Instagram | @arisa_trew (R) Getty Images | Rich Polk

A 13-year-old Australian girl has accomplished a remarkable feat in the world of skateboarding, making history in the process. Arisa Trew has become the first female to land a 720 skateboarding trick. Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk was the first to complete the trick in 1985. Besides that, no woman had ever done it until now.

Trew competed in the Tony Hawk Vert Alert event on Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah, when she did the skateboarding trick involving two full rotations while in the air. "I can't believe I landed my first 720!!! And to be the first girl in the world to land a 7 in competition," an ecstatic Trew shared on Instagram before going on to thank those who helped her achieve this historic accomplishment. For those curious about vert skateboarding, it involves riding a skateboard on a near-vertical ramp, per CNN.

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Her coach Trevor Ward shared his journey in helping the teen make history as well as the competition between 16-year-old Lilly Stoephasius and Trew to land the trick. Ward explained on Instagram that they "started the process not too long ago and in a few hours, she was putting it to wheels. Then we had to head to Argentina for an @worldskatesb event, where Arisa came 7th. We knew @lillystoephasius was super close, but our eye is on the 2024 Olympics. With a bit of time off between Argentina and Rome, we came to the USA to compete at @thvertalert, which Arisa won."

"When the best trick came, I asked her what are we doing. She replied a 720. I knew Lilly would be going for it too. What an amazing scenario. The 2 best vert skaters, going head to head to land the 720 in front of the inventor of the trick @tonyhawk."

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Yes, that's right! The legend himself was at the competition in awe of the young talent. "Tony was giving both girls tips on how to do the trick," Ward shared. "With the hype of the crowd, both girls battled for the trick and in the end, Arisa landed the trick outside of time but became the first girl in history to land the 720. We knew it was coming soon. We just didn't expect it to be on the world stage rather than on our vert ramp back home in Australia. Arisa has an amazing mindset and willpower to succeed. Congrats Arisa, you are amazing."

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The trick helped the Olympic hopeful win the women's division by seven points. Also, it puts her on the radar as a medal chance for Paris 2024. She is currently in 14th place in the world and will now focus on X Games USA in California in July. "It really was an amazing thing," Ward said of the historic 720, according to Wide World of Sports.

"We've worked really hard to get Arisa to this point right now. Just a lot of training, a lot of pain and she came through with the goods on the biggest stage in the world. She did the 720 which Tony Hawk did in 1985, that was the first time to do it. And now she is the first woman in the world to do it, which is unbelievable as a 13-year-old."


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