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Teen asks for advice to help stepbrother adjust in new home. Internet cries happy tears.

When this Reddit user found out his nine-year-old stepbrother would be moving in soon, he just wanted to make him feel welcome.

Teen asks for advice to help stepbrother adjust in new home. Internet cries happy tears.
Image Source: Tom Werner / Getty Images

It's not easy as a teenager to accept a new parent when your mom or dad gets remarried. It can be a difficult process muddled with heightened emotions. This process can become even harder if your new parent comes with kids, which means you'll have to accept new siblings as well. While the best parents try to make the transition as easy as possible on the kids, it's not every day that you see the kids step up to do their part as well. However, when a 15-year-old took to Reddit group Relationship Advice to ask a simple question, the internet was shocked by his maturity and kindness. He asked, "My younger stepbrother is moving in this weekend, any advice on helping him adjust?"


The young teen took some time to explain the situation at home. He wrote, "My mom got married [to] my now-stepdad last month. I have two older brothers, one is 20 (he stays in an apartment connected to our house) and the middle guy just [turned] 17. We all live at home full time, no relationship with our dad. We all really like our stepdad though, he's great!" He also wanted to highlight what the newest additions to his family were like. "My stepdad has a son, Andy, who is nine. They are moving in this weekend," he stated. "Andy's mom passed away when he was a baby, so Andy also stays with his dad full time. That means he'll be here at the house full time. I like Andy, he's a cool dude."




Most boys his age would have dismissed the situation entirely, claiming it wasn't their responsibility to deal with a nine-year-old's emotions. But this Reddit user was different. He continued, "I'm looking for any advice on this transition, mostly with Andy. I realize Andy is going from being an only child to having three stepbrothers living with him, and that's a lot to take in. In addition to a new house, new neighbors, new room, and a stepmom. Also is there anything I should know about now being an older stepbrother to Andy? I've always been the youngest (and my brothers always joke that you can tell), but I want to be a good brother to Andy. Andy's quieter than me and my brothers, plus the fact that we're bigger and he's going to be in new surroundings, I'm worried that if he doesn't like something, he won't speak up about it."




Have you ever come across a more thoughtful 15-year-old? Probably not. As it turns out, most people haven't. The post quickly went viral, gaining recognition from users across the website. Not only was the user awarded several medals (a feature on the website), but the post has received over 450 comments in less than a day. The highest-rated comment suggested, "Make sure there’s room in the house for his toys and belongings. Ask him to go kick around a soccer ball with you and your brother, or see if he wants to watch a movie with you. Offer to show him around the house when he first gets there. Ask him questions about himself, what games he likes or what his favorite class is in school. When everyone’s at home chilling, just pop your head into the room and say, 'Hey what’s up?' Talk to your brothers, too, and make sure they’re in on it. Making him feel welcome will be a team effort!" The teen responded saying that sounded easy enough to do.




Other individuals acknowledged how mature and sincere the user was. One comment read, "You are too pure for this world. I hope you know just how kind of a human you are. This entire thread is warming my cold, dead heart." Another added, "You are awesome! Let us know how it goes! And you are a super thoughtful and proactive teen, and this is going to serve you well with your family and friendships throughout your life. Keep up the awesome work." Here's wishing Andy and his new stepbrothers a wonderful move-in. With a stepbrother as thoughtful as this Reddit user, it's bound to be nothing short of absolutely amazing.


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