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Teen asks blind girlfriend out by spelling 'PROM' in Braille using chocolates in heartfelt video

The pair had been dating since ninth grade and Jake Schwartz wanted to do something special to ask Paige Drury out.

Teen asks blind girlfriend out by spelling 'PROM' in Braille using chocolates in heartfelt video
Image Source: Instagram/Todayparents

High school junior Jake Schwartz made one of the sweetest 'promposals' for his blind girlfriend, Paige Drury, by arranging the words "prom" in Braille using Hershey's Kisses. The pair have been dating since the ninth grade and Jake Schwartz was eager to do something special for his girlfriend. "It felt like the cutest thing to do," Schwartz told TODAY. "I've seen very cute promposals from upperclassmen at my school, and not to be outdone, I wanted to do something similar. I decided to write a message in braille because I felt it would be more personal," said the 17-year-old from Glastonbury, Connecticut. 


The pair attend the Glastonbury High School and turned up for a play rehearsal on their day off. That's when Jake decided to ask Paige out to the prom. He told her that they were exchanging Valentine's Day gifts as he wasn't in town on February 14. "We went into the lobby of the auditorium to exchange gifts. After I sprung the surprise on her, we walked back out to applause from the rest of the cast. It was pretty surreal." The video of Jake's promposal went viral on Instagram after it was captured on camera by his sister.

Jake Schwartz guiding Paige Drury to the braille letters Prom, written using chocolates


The video shows Jake guiding Paige to the table where she feels her way through the letters spelled out using Hershey's Kisses. Once she realizes what's happening, she lets out an excited squeal. The couple then exchange hugs and he nervously asks her if it was a yes and she replies, "Yes!" and the couple burst out laughing. Paige, 16, said she wasn't expecting it. "Since it's only February, I really wasn't expecting it to happen at all, which made it even better. It makes me feel so happy that someone cares about me enough to make the moment as special as possible." 

Paige Drury reading aloud the letters 'Prom'


Jake first met Paige when they acted in a school play in the sixth grade."He cares about the little things and wants to make sure she's OK and vice versa," said Erika Schwartz, Jake's mother. "For the promposal, Jake had the idea to use braille a while ago and I was thrilled that he came up with that. He reached out to Paige's mom, Heather, for help with the lettering and he made a chart on some poster board we already had at home." Paige's mother was just as excited after Jake asked her daughter out to the prom. "It is an amazing feeling to see your child really, genuinely happy," she said. "Jake is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful kids I have ever met. I love how Jake treats Paige and how she treats him. They bring out the best in each other, they protect each other and they are each other's biggest cheerleader." 

Jake Schwartz hugging Paige Drury after she said yes

One Instagram user, Amyjoyfull wrote: I’d be so honored to be either of their parents! So sweet. Another user, strangerinastraightjacket commented: I can hardly wait to see their prom pics. Beautiful couple.

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