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Techie shares tips on how to use iPhone features better and they are mind-boggling

Kent demonstrated how to change the starting font from a bold header to regular text in the settings in the video.

Techie shares tips on how to use iPhone features better and they are mind-boggling
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jillyannekent

There are numerous features on iPhones, many of which its ardent users are unaware of. The list of features on the Apple phone grows with each update. @jillyannekent, a techie on TikTok, attempts to demonstrate her knowledge of Apple features, specifically the Notes app. She recently posted a video in which she reveals some of the ways people can optimize their experience, regardless of the purpose. She wrote in the caption, "Back with more #iphonetips for the notes app!" The helpful video got more than 88 thousand views. 

 Image Source: TikTok | @jillyannekent
Image Source: TikTok | @jillyannekent


"People literally watch me do stuff on my phone and say, 'Wait. I didn’t know you could do that,'" Kent said. "So here are some of my best iPhone tips as someone who works in tech." The Notes app was her first port of call. Kent demonstrated how to change the starting font from a bold header to regular text in the settings, as well as how users can pin notes to the top of the page in the same way that text message threads can be pinned. Kent also demonstrated how to convert the notes from a list to a gallery format. Kent also discussed how to improve the app's list organization. Users can create a list with dashes and indent it by swiping to the right, according to her video.

 Image Source: TikTok | @jillyannekent
Image Source: TikTok | @jillyannekent


Many viewers were enlightened by this revelation and couldn't wait to try these features out. "We all just need to hand over our iPhones at this point. We. Know. Nothing!" wrote @raessie. "This is the best tutorial I've ever seen lol it’s so clear and concise," added @jordyyraee. Kent previously posted videos on how to optimize the Focus mode before her video on the Notes app. Kent demonstrated how users can customize their lock screens and pair them with different Focus modes, which she claims helps her block out distractions.

Image Source: TikTok | @jam
Image Source: TikTok | @jam


She has different lock and home screens for her work, sleep, and regular do not disturb focus modes. "While I’m in this focus mode, I only have my work apps and my calendar," she said. "My social media apps are out of sight, out of mind." The video was captioned, "Finally I won’t be scared to look at my social media screen time." Kent has made the most of her Apple experience, and many other users will be able to do the same with these tips.  

Another iPhone hack helps parents shield their kids from scrolling through videos not meant for them to watch. One mother shared a video of her partner in which he demonstrates how he uses the Guided Access settings on his iPhone to prevent children from leaving an app, changing the volume, or doing anything else they might do with a phone. He begins by describing how to make an iPhone childproof by using the Guided Access feature. He then starts playing a video that a child would watch. He then triple-taps the lock screen, and a note appears that says, "Triple Access has started." Then he clicks the screen again, this time to "Options," where he deactivates "side button," "volume buttons," "motion," "keyboards," "touch," and "time limit." When he re-opens the video, the screen becomes immobile. 

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