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Teachers share embarrassing reasons why they were forced to call a student's parents

Some of these teachers were left shocked and embarrassed to call kids' parents to tell on what they did.

Teachers share embarrassing reasons why they were forced to call a student's parents
Teacher looking in books with children/Getty Images

Teaching is, without doubt, one of the most important and yet taxing professions. From being underpaid and overworked to being responsible for molding the minds of the future is no easy task. Kids can drive you up the wall with their antics. No teacher wants to call parents and tattle on their kids but there are times when it's necessary. In fact, they can be significant teaching moments. One Reddit user asked teachers to share embarrassing reasons for which they had to call kids' parents and the replies were hilarious. User Tee_01 asked, "Teachers of Reddit, what is the most embarrassing reason you called a child's parents for?"  

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Here are some of the top replies we came across:

1. What comes in pairs?

It wasn’t embarrassing, it was funny, but in response to the question “What comes in pairs?” Her son, with total sincerity and enthusiasm, said, “testicles!” I emailed to let them know he was a little upset that I didn’t write down his suggestion on the board. His mom said she printed the email and planned to pull it out again on some thanksgiving to read aloud when he was a teenager. u/AlvinTaco


2. Found Daddy's special movies

I had to call a single dad to inform him that his six-year-old son perfectly described an explicit porn scene to his friends. This was before internet porn so the kid must have found Daddy's special movies. u/good_sandslapper


3. Third-grade antics 

"Your son called a girl in class a bitch, and when I sent him to the office, he threw up all over the place." Gotta love third grade. u/sadboisongs

4. Sh*t hits the fan

I had to explain to a 6-year-old's parents that I wouldn't be wiping his a$$ for him. They seemed surprised that a 6-year-old would have to wipe his own a$$. u/Onehatonly

5. A little too enthusiastic

"Hi is that Armin's mum? Great. Ummm... could you please teach him not to respond with "FUCK YEAH!" when I hand him a toy? Okay but... look... I didn't say it wasn't funny..."
I was teaching English at a Vietnamese kindergarten. u/Miss_Cegenation 


6. Kid pulls down his pants

Just today I had to phone parents because their child refuses to use the toilet at school and TODAY, during recess, this kid pulled his snow pants down and proceeded to take the fattest shit on the snow-covered playground. I’ll never forget today. u/Grizzmo1

7. Teacher better watch out

I'm not a teacher but my little cousin got a phone call home because he threatened to "bitch his teacher with a fly swatter." u/Reddit


8. Cuss words

I’ll never forget when my kids preschool teacher texted me to tell me that he had said a bad word in class. Thankfully, she was more entertained than mad. Apparently, she had put the children’s lunchboxes in a different spot than usual. My then 3yo went to grab his lunchbox from his cubby and when it wasn’t there he went to his teacher and said “Ms. Megan, what the f*ck?” u/Purpleghostdance


9. Stuck on the toilet

Not a teacher, but my teacher in grade 5 had to call my classmate's mom because he got stuck on the toilet. u/Kat_is_Kute

10. Attempted 'murder'

Maybe more shocking than embarrassing. Parents of a third-grader had to be called because their son tried to strangle another kid on the schoolyard in the break after a fight. u/Johannaartz.

11.  Yo mommas

Not a teacher but a kid in my class started bragging about how he had 2 moms and everyone else sucked because they only had 1. u/humanfish9




12. Caught watching porn

Not a teacher but someone was caught watching porn on his school computer and his parents had to come to pick him up. After he came back he told us what happened and what his parents did as a punishment and he told us that they just laughed at him because nothing is more embarrassing than that. u/Boi420-69x

13. Power move

My teacher had to call and apologize to my mom after she told me she wouldn't let me go to the nurse because I was always asking. So I threw up on her desk in front of the whole class. u/melli72

14. Talking in 3rd person

My parents were called when I was in 8th grade because I would only talk in the 3rd person. It went on for like, 5 weeks. u/Antarticanjam


15. Parkour kid

My wife was about 30 seconds away from calling not just the kid's parents, but also child welfare because she thought a kid wanted to be the "park whore" when they grew up.
Turns out they wanted to do Parkour. u/Billbapapa

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