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Teachers post sweet note thanking truck drivers for cheering up kids every day by blowing their horns

The trucks are 'the talk of the yard all morning and all afternoon' at the school.

Teachers post sweet note thanking truck drivers for cheering up kids every day by blowing their horns
Image Source: Reddit/Melificient

Happiness and kindness come from the most unexpected source at times and they can make somebody's day. For the students of Spring Garden Children Care, it comes from truck drivers who blow their horns intentionally while passing by. It absolutely cheers them up and it ends up being a yard talk among all of them. The teachers at the school saw the impact the truck drivers were having and decided to write a beautiful note thanking them for their efforts.

The note was posted on Reddit by Melificient and it went viral since then. The teachers wrote, "To: All the truck drivers who blow your horns, we, the teachers at the school, just want to express our sheer joy and excitement you bring to our children when you blow your horn for them." They add that it is "the talk of the yard all morning and all afternoon" whenever they pass them by. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


As children are often extremely curious about their surroundings, they end up discussing and wondering what the truck drivers are carrying. Moreover, they associate their trucks as "DRY (Rectangle Trailers) or LIQUID (Round trailers). They discuss where the truck drivers going and where they are coming from. The question of how many wheels are there and how horns are blown also crossed their young minds. The note accompanies a picture of several young children looking over a truck.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


It is absolutely joyous to realize that these children are gathering so much happiness from truck drivers blowing their horns. A Reddit User Elvishgirl noted, "I love how easily small children can make themselves happy." Another shared their own experience making it obvious that this isn't so common. Bi-Bi-Bi24 wrote, "I work in a daycare and yes, one of the best parts of being outside is hearing, "Truck!", "big Truck!", or "airplane!" One day, a helicopter flew over. One of my favorite kids did that little dance of sheer excitement that toddlers do, and immediately ran to me as fast as he could go."


Some adults even admitted that truck drivers honking is still their favorite thing. No_Bee130 noted, "I’m almost 30 and getting a Trucker to honk the horn for fun is still the easiest way to make me happy." A Truck driver, LL_is_a_Cool_J joined the discussion and said, "The best part of my day is to see a little kid giving the arm pump and then jump up and down like a little maniac laughing when I blow the horn. Makes even the crappiest of days better."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Another driver thatwolfieguy commented, "I used to drive a concrete truck back in the day. Blowing my horn for kids was the best part of the job. Sometimes I'd hit them with the city horn first, then hit the air horn when they looked disappointed, just to shake things up."

A user, goldlion also shared their own experience of hearing truck horns, "Me and my classmates used to love when truck drivers would drive past, we’d always do that arm gesture to get them to honk the horn." 

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