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Teacher's 30-second rule on being mindful of our actions and words in daily life is winning hearts

A teacher shared an impressive hack with her elementary students to think before speaking or acting and it's a much-needed one for adults too.

Teacher's 30-second rule on being mindful of our actions and words in daily life is winning hearts
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @always.upper.elementary

People are often cautioned to think before speaking and acting. We are also encouraged to share acts and words of kindness, as these things, while seemingly small, can leave a lasting impression on a person. Elementary school teacher Natalie Ringold–who goes by @always.upper.elementary on Instagram–won hearts online after sharing a thought-provoking message on how to be mindful of our actions and words. In a video posted on the social media platform, the teacher is seen explaining to her young students why it is important to think before commenting or being blatant and rude. However, her perspective is a thoughtful takeaway for us all. “If somebody can’t change something about themselves in 30 seconds or less, then you shouldn’t be mentioning it to them,” Ringold said. 

Image Source: Instagram| @always.upper.elementary
Image Source: Instagram| @always.upper.elementary

Sharing examples apt for the kids, the teacher mentioned that subtly pointing out that one’s laces are undone or pants are unzipped is preferable since it can be changed in 30 seconds. “If you comment on someone’s hair color or hair texture or hairstyle and body, they can’t change that in 30 seconds or less. Your words have power,” the teacher highlighted. She demonstrated her point further with a tube of toothpaste. Pressing out the toothpaste impulsively from the tube, Ringold simultaneously said, “When you say something to someone about themselves that they can’t change in 30 seconds, you say those things.”

Image Source: Instagram| @always.upper.elementary
Image Source: Instagram| @always.upper.elementary

She then tried putting the poured-out toothpaste back into the tube and showed the kids how it was impossible to put it back once it was out. Relating to the analogy, she explained, “You try to fix those things, you try to apologize, you try to take those words back, you try to undo what you said. But it’s something they can’t change and you said it, so it’s very messy.” She stressed that “words have power and words matter” and cautioned her students to be mindful of what they say. “If you walk out of this room spreading kindness and love to the people around you, that is what truly makes a difference,” the teacher concluded. 

Image Source: Instagram| @always.upper.elementary
Image Source: Instagram| @always.upper.elementary

In her caption, she beautifully summarized her analogy. She wrote, “We are responsible for our words and actions. We need to spread kindness and love. Our words and actions have power and an impact on others. We can choose to fill other people’s ‘buckets’ or do the opposite.” She further mentioned that we can choose what we want to say out loud in the world and once said, they cannot be undone. “Apologizing is an important part of making things right after we make a mistake. I reminded my students that we did this lesson on the last day of school because I want them to remember this concept for the rest of their lives!” Ringold added. 

The teacher acknowledged that there may be exceptions for adults to the 30-second rule. However, by and large, it is an impressive process to follow to avoid being impulsive and hurtful with actions and words. People were in awe of her concept and praised her perspective. @deanna.spraggins wrote, “What an awesome, excellent illustration for kids! Well, actually, for all of us.” @susank2129 exclaimed, “What a fantastic life lesson. Wisdom in those words.” @veeperea added, “One small step for man, and a massive step for mankind.” @dishinsta remarked, “We adults should have such classes because I guess we all are forgetting humanity and kindness.”

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