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Teacher uses Taylor Swift's 'Cruel Summer' to help students memorize the table of 8

The teacher creatively uses the tune of the pop hit to create a catchy song that helps her class remember the table of 8 effectively.

Teacher uses Taylor Swift's 'Cruel Summer' to help students memorize the table of 8
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @mcpeekteaches

Being a Swiftie is not just a hobby but a lifestyle. The craze seeps into every aspect of an individual's life. Faith Mcpeek–who goes on Instagram as @mcpeekteaches–is also one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans. She has taken it to another level by using Swift's music to help her students count by eights. Judging from the smooth performance put out by her class, it seems that the method is working like magic. This unique method has garnered a lot of attention and appreciation from people. It makes it easier for children to memorize their tables, as they are mixing something they are hearing in their daily life with lessons.

Image Source: Instagram/@mcpeekteaches
Image Source: Instagram | @mcpeekteaches

The tune Mcpeek used in the video is from Taylor Swift's popular song, "Cruel Summer." The song was a part of the album "Lover," released in 2019. Recently, during her hugely successful Eras Tour, the singer included this song in the setlist, as reported by Vulture. Thereafter, it went through a resurgence, topping the Billboard chart. 

Image Source: Instagram/@mcpeekteaches
Image Source: Instagram | @mcpeekteaches

The video features Mcpeek singing along with the class, stopping every time they come to the numbers. The song begins with, "We're in third grade and we’re counting by eights — 8, 16, 24, and 32 — Oh." It is followed by, "We are having fun, but we're learning too. I don't wanna keep count if I can't count with you — 40 turns to 48, 56, and 64. Seventy-two for whatever it's worth — 80 and 88 were the last ones we ever learned!" She closes off the video with a wide smile on her face satisfied with the progress of the students.

Image Source: Instagram/@mcpeekteaches
Image Source: Instagram | @mcpeekteaches

It is not the first time the teacher is mixing catchy songs with math lessons. In order to get through to the students, for the table of 6, the teacher used "Castaway" by The Backyardigans in a video.  For teaching 9's and 4's tables, she used the tune of Morgan Wallen and Lizzo songs, respectively. Mcpeek, with the help of these songs, keeps the students engaged with the material. Since they interact with it in a fun way, they have more of an interest in the lesson and do not consider it burdensome.

Image Source: Instagram/@aira.fajardo.969
Image Source: Instagram | @aira.fajardo.969
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Image Source: Instagram | @im_ayelet

The comment section loved the teaching technique of Mcpeek. @tippettcaden expressed that this technique worked and wrote, "I've been using this in my high school algebra class because it is the only way I remember my eights. People make fun of me when I start singing in class, but it works." @tastuart commended the teachers and swore by creative teaching, "We don't pay teachers enough. This was so much fun! I still remember the days of the week songs I learned in second grade. Creative teaching like this sticks with kiddos!!"

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