Teacher saves the day after mom goes into labor at Elementary School in Dallas

Teacher Maria Perez and school nurse Tylar Krause delivered a baby after the mother, Loren Carcamo, went into labor unexpectedly.

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People often see teachers as superheroes, but one teacher from the Elementary School in Dallas, recently proved she could handle even the most challenging of tasks. Such an unexpected event happened at Kleberg Elementary School in Dallas. When school nurse Tylar Krause called Loren Carcamo to pick up her daughter at the school because she was sick, the nurse didn't expect Carcamo would go into labor. “I’ve never delivered a baby. I watched one birth during nursing school,” Krause told TODAY. “So I was like, ‘OK, let me just try to remember what they did.’ I was panicking.”


Fortunately, teacher Maria Perez was at hand. She had delivered hundreds of babies in her native Venezuela as an OB-GYN resident and knew Carcamo would not make it to a hospital in time. “I said ‘Don’t worry, I was a medical doctor in my country and I delivered a lot of babies,’” Perez told TODAY.

Image Source: GettyImages/Photo by: 	ImagesBazaar
Image Source: GettyImages/Photo by: ImagesBazaar


The delivery of Leire Madeleine was a success and a blessing to all involved. “Everybody should experience that. It’s beautiful,” Perez said. “When the baby comes and starts crying, you just feel that amazing energy.” Krause expressed her gratitude for the surprising circumstances. “What are the odds of having a baby at a school in the first place? But having a doctor there that’s done it? We’re lucky. Blessed, I would say,” she said.


The events of that day not only provided Carcamo with her beautiful daughter, Leire Madeleine but also taught a powerful lesson in the power of community. In a moment of chaos and fear, strangers came together to provide comfort and support to ensure the safe delivery of a new life. It was a reminder that we are all connected and that when we help each other, we can accomplish great things. The experience of delivering a baby at Kleberg Elementary School shows the importance of community and the power of teachers. It was also a reminder that, no matter how challenging the task may seem, teachers can rise to the occasion.

Image Source: GettyImages/ Photo by: 	Sally Anscombe
Image Source: GettyImages/ Photo by: Sally Anscombe


In the days since the delivery, Carcamo and her daughter have received an outpouring of support from the school, the community and even strangers around the world. People have been sending cards, gifts and donations to help with the cost of the delivery. The events of the day have also sparked conversations about the importance of having a school nurse present, as well as the need for more resources to help teachers and staff handle unexpected situations, like a baby delivery.


The incident reminds us of the undeniable power of teachers. On that fateful day at Kleberg Elementary School, Maria Perez showed why. She took action, stepped up to the challenge and helped bring a new life into the world. She is an example of what teachers can do when they put their minds to it. Also, it is a reminder of the power of community. In a powerful moment of compassion and bravery, Maria Perez helped bring a baby into the world and, in doing so, reminded us of the importance of coming together in times of need. She and the Kleberg Elementary School staff have shown us that, no matter how challenging the task may be, teachers can rise to the occasion.

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