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Teacher shares selfless act of student upon learning that his father-in-law passed away

The elementary school teacher was taken aback when a young girl displayed empathy and offered her support in the most endearing manner.

Teacher shares selfless act of student upon learning that his father-in-law passed away
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Price Lawrence

Kids have the most fragile, pure and caring hearts. Their innocence and kindness can teach us many profound things. Often, we assume children to be naive and unable to grasp the depth of the world’s ideas, however, even through their actions, they manage to fill up hearts. A similar instance was shared by a school teacher, Price Lawrence who was moved by a thoughtful and kind gesture of one of his students.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau

As a teacher at Highlands Elementary School, Lawrence was going about his schedule as usual. He shared on Facebook, “This morning, during the first period, my kids could tell that I was a little off.” When asked, he explained that his wife’s father had passed away and he was worried about her. Lawrence shared that the kids said “Sorry” offering their condolences. After this, the teacher continued class as usual. Before the kids were dismissed for their second period, Lawrence was giving them their regular goodbye hug when something amazing happened. Lawrence mentioned, “One little girl put something in my hand. She told me ‘This is for your wife.’"


Lawrence posted a picture along with the post. This image was of a note along with a few cents.  His post continued, “I know it was really expensive when my daddy died and I don’t want ice cream today anyway.” The girl chose to give her teacher what was presumably her ice cream money to give to his wife. She connected her own experience to that of Lawrence’s wife and somehow tried to comfort and compensate with a few cents. The post mentioned that she lost her father too but it only caused her to be more thoughtful. Her words, “really expensive” subtly expressed how she compared a father to being something valuable and priceless.

The post received millions of reactions with several commenters applauding the little girl’s gesture. Sondra Howard said, “Such a kind heart.” Janet Anderson said, “So compassionate.” Vernessa Richards said, “I saw this post from ‘Love Conquers All’ and I just had to find M. Lawrence. This holds a “happiness value”. This is a crazy world and look at the compassion, character and empathy this child alone holds. Both you and your students reflect each other in such a great, positive way!”


Children have a heart of gold. Another instance was shared where two teenagers decided to go out of their way to help their classmates. Michael Todd was bullied for wearing the same clothes to school. When his classmates saw this, they “felt the need to do something.” The duo reached into their closets and got pairs of clothes, shoes and other items for Todd to wear. The duo themselves reflected generosity and understanding.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit | u/osebagger

He told his fellow students, "You guys are awesome." People were touched by this gesture with u/Charger525 commenting "Those boys' parents should be commended. It’s not often you see things like this and I can’t imagine they have a lot of money at their age. It looks like a lot of heart went into this." u/SoVerySleepy81 added, "He almost looked like he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like okay, these guys are pretending to be nice to me, when is the bad stuff going to start? Poor kid. Also, the kids that are giving him stuff are great kids."

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