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Teacher comes up with wholesome way to stop making students feel embarrassed when they're struggling

Children struggle with difficulties in schools and as parents or teachers, it is one's job to patiently help them out.

Teacher comes up with wholesome way to stop making students feel embarrassed when they're struggling
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @yafavouriteaunty

After parents and family, it is teachers who play a crucial role in shaping the confidence and self-esteem of a child. The approach teachers usually take towards children, especially when they make mistakes, leaves a lasting impression. To share the importance of being gentle and empathetic, Bonnie - who goes on X (previously Twitter) by @yafavouriteaunty - shared a post on the platform. Bonnie is a teacher who expressed the need to understand children by sharing her own example. Her post comprised an image of a child’s worksheet where the student wrote, “Division is hard,” as he was unable to fill in the answer. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Ksenia Chernaya
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ksenia Chernaya

Bonnie mentioned that it was one of her students’ homework, which he was unable to do because he was struggling. In her post, she wrote, “No kid should be embarrassed because they lack knowledge.” She also mentioned how she came up with a wholesome way to deal with the challenges her students face. She said, “I tell them to write me notes and I write back. No outbursts, no displays. So he gets credit just for turning it in and letting me know he’s struggling.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Yan Krukau
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Yan Krukau

On the sheet, besides the student’s request, Bonnie wrote her response that read, “I will help you!” The post received quite an interaction and parents and teachers were amazed at the genius idea Bonnie came up with. @Marrrrcussss said, “Thank you for helping this baby instead of failing him and embarrassing him.” @noahscape4u said, “This is such a great practice! Few things are as humiliating as being shamed for not knowing something, especially as a kid. I hope this sets an example for other educators, thank you for being great.” With the overwhelming comments, Bonnie couldn’t help but share more. She mentioned that this empathetic approach sprung from her own experience.




In the comments, she wrote, “I was the kid that got put on display for not knowing something. It’s discouraging and embarrassing. I refuse to put my babies through that.” She also revealed how hard it was for her having been slow and in need of help. “I was in his place at his age and had it announced to my class that I was dumb. My kids will never experience that with me,” the teacher said. Children have reasons for being slow and need time to pick up on things. However, rushing or embarrassing them is no way to tackle the situation. Just like gentle parenting, even teachers need to be more genuine and patient with such children.


In a similar article, a teacher has shared “unorthodox rules” for her class simply because it helps her students. Christina Pina shared how she breaks teacher stereotypes by having unique approaches in her classroom. Pina said, “My classroom still hasn’t burned down, and I think it helps my students to learn because I don’t enforce these rules.”

Image Source: TikTok/@christina_pina
Image Source: TikTok | @christina_pina

In her video, the background revealed things that Pina doesn’t worry about since they are only minor grievances. These included kids not having a pencil, bringing snacks, arriving late and others. “You don’t have a pencil? I have a pencil for you. Take one every day. I have them scattered all around the room. I am not mad at you for not having a pencil,” she remarks. Pina highlighted other things that are not a worry and can make the class more creative while maintaining focus. Just like her, teachers should aim to teach the child rather than reprimanding or demeaning them!

Image Source: TikTok/@christina_pina
Image Source: TikTok | @christina_pina

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