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Teacher shares sixth grader's heartwarming reason for rubbing his necklace while talking to people

Sometimes, the innocent acts of youngsters can also prove to be important life lessons and this is what this teacher felt when he asked his student about his necklace.

Teacher shares sixth grader's heartwarming reason for rubbing his necklace while talking to people
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@matteicheldinger

There are as many kinds of students as there are teachers. Sometimes, the innocent acts of our students can also prove to be important life lessons. This teacher shared the same when he discussed why one of his six grade students wore a necklace each day in school. Matt Eicheldinger, a social media influencer and a former sixth-grade teacher, shared how a student in his class had transferred from a different country in the middle of the term. The student always wore a special necklace that Eicheldinger later learned carried more meaning than he could have guessed. "Hello, my name is Matt and I'm a teacher. Today I want to talk about folded paper," Eicheldinger says at the beginning of his video on Instagram.

Image Source: Instagram | @matteicheldinger
Image Source: Instagram | @matteicheldinger

"He had a really bright smile. He's eager to participate, he made friends really quickly. I did notice that every time he talked, he would always rub this necklace he had around his neck." Eicheldinger said of the student. The jewelry was a thick green-colored square that hung on a leather string and looked extremely worn. Eicheldinger eventually asked the student about the necklace as he was curious about why he wore it. "He said it was a collection of prayers his family wrote for him, prayers for peace, love and kindness all folded up and bound together," Eicheldinger explained. "I rub it when I talk to people because I know not everyone has those things, so I send my family's prayers onto them," the youngster told him, the teacher revealed.

Image Source: Instagram | @matteicheldinger
Image Source: Instagram | @matteicheldinger

Eicheldinger added how in these moments as a teacher, he found how beautiful it is to be a human. "Just unprompted extensions of love that just kind of trickle in when you least expect it, and [it's] just captured it in a way that can't be explained," he says in his video. Over 222k people on Instagram liked the video and several people also commented on the incredible story. @eduwaseem wrote, "My grandma used to make us those to wear too... it is called a tahveez... thank you for sharing! Brings back memories of my childhood! I don’t wear one anymore but I did as a kid. Never thought to rub it while talking to others though. What a sweet kid to do that! Melts my heart! Also like everyone else, I love your account! Everything you post is so genuine and heartfelt and reflective."

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@calligilchristwrestling commented, "I have to say out of all the teachers on social media, yours has been the only one that makes me want to keep teaching. So, thank you." @kendrasmom724 expressed, "Well I wasn’t prepared to tear up this fine Monday morning. What a sweetheart of a young man." @jay.b.kay wrote, "The students that have you as a teacher are truly blessed. I have been a teacher for 28 years and I enjoy listening to your stories and insight." Truly, this video is so heartwarming and wholesome and kids always restore our faith in humanity!

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