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Teacher retires after 35 years and the whole school lines up to say goodbye in emotional video

The teacher can be seen entering the room before being applauded and cheered on by his students and colleagues.

Teacher retires after 35 years and the whole school lines up to say goodbye in emotional video
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsMVT

Teachers impact our lives in the most special way. They impact the way we think about the world and also how we think about ourselves. Every teacher has their own ways of working and this impacts children differently but the best ones always receive pure love and respect from their students. This is exactly what was seen in a viral video where a teacher retired after teaching in a school for 35 years and the 5th-grade teacher received a beautiful farewell from his students and his colleagues. In this video uploaded by @GoodNewsMVT, we see the teacher enter a room and his students clap and cheer for him. The teacher is seen waving his hand and thanking everyone. He also looks emotional in the video as he is touched by the love he is receiving. 

The teacher walks through the room full of people and as he climbs the stairs, students are seen around the stairs as well. Here also, they are seen cheering and clapping for their favorite teacher. His colleagues are seen here as well. All these people are standing with a smile and a sense of gratitude towards the retiring teacher. As the video concludes, the teacher is seen making an exit from the room. Good News Movement has captioned this video, "After 35 years of teaching, this 5th-grade teacher retires and receives a beautiful tribute from students and co-workers. “I grabbed my bag and when I stepped out the door I saw that 'boy'. There, a whole movie played in my head, of the 35 years I spent in the classroom”, said the emotional teacher." The video has gone viral and has been viewed by 8K views.



This video touched the hearts of many as they could relate to their favorite teachers retiring from school. In another heartwarming story about a teacher, we see a famous soccer player hugging his old teacher as he visited the school after a long time. Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen visited a woman who had contributed to his dream of becoming a professional footballer. The touching video of their emotional meeting has gone viral now as people appreciate the footballer's sense of gratitude, reports Prime Business Africa. In the video, we see Osimhen entering his school campus and greeting a teacher with a warm smile. After exchanging a few words, they hug each other. 



When Osimhen was in secondary school, he wanted to play football, but his father did not allow him to play the sport as he thought it was a pastime for dropouts. Osimhen asked the Games Master of Oregun Senior High School, Ikeja, Lagos, Mrs. Augustina Atanda (née Okwechime), for some help. Atanda had played hockey for her Federal Government College, Warri, secondary school, and decided to help the teen. Later, she went and spoke to his father. She told Osimhen's father that she would personally mentor him and he agreed with some hesitation. Many years later, he visited her to thank her for her valuable contribution to starting his football career. Such teachers are gems and they are transforming the lives of many students, one step at a time. 

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