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Teacher makes toys for her young students based on their drawings and they are so adorable

Her creations look exactly like the youngsters' imaginative and beautiful drawings.

Teacher makes toys for her young students based on their drawings and they are so adorable
Image Source: Twitter/Reid Parker

Teachers play a significant role in any student's life as we always see them as role models. Moreover, many of them have the tendency to go above and beyond their job descriptions to make their students feel welcome and comfortable in their classes. A unique way adopted by a teacher to interact with her children in the classroom moved many on social media. Reid Parker posted pictures of the one-of-a-kind toys his child's teacher made for her students by using their drawings as inspiration. Parker wrote: "My kid's teacher made toys for her class based on their drawings. Pay teachers more." He added several pictures of the adorable toys created by the teacher that look exactly like the youngsters' imaginative and beautiful drawings.


Parker is referencing how many teachers across the country are forced to quit the profession due to being paid extremely less. The figures of teachers quitting their jobs have skyrocketed since the pandemic hit as they dealt with frequent disruptions, online school, and burn-out. According to CNBC, 300,000 public school teachers and other staff quit between February 2020 and May 2022.



Many of the major difficulties that teachers confront, such as safety concerns, poor pay, financial shortfalls, and decreasing mental health are not new but the COVID-19 pandemic aggravated existing vulnerabilities within the profession. However, even after going through so much, many teachers like the one in this instance are still giving their all to do one of the most important jobs on our planet. Parker's tweet instantly went viral on the platform and has gathered over 100k likes and thousands of retweets. Several people joined in the viral Twitter post to share some good deeds of the teachers they know. One commented, "One of my teacher friends, using her own $$, makes 48 PBJ sandwiches & cookies every Thursday night so she can send each student home with a little bag of food for the weekend. For some, that's all they'll get to eat until school breakfast Monday morning. People have no idea." 


Another added, "This is beautiful! I teach middle school and think that I could never teach the littles. I often say 'Elementary teachers are very special people and their job is hard' and this proves that. What a blessing she is for her kiddos and they are for her." Another user said, "Every one of those kids will remember her and her gift to them. I am almost 80 and a few weeks ago had Facebook chat with grade school classmates abt our favorite teachers. We all had the best memories of the same teacher. Kind man who cared about us."

  A Twitter user shared another example, "This is amazing! I agree, I have two fantastic teacher friends and one is barely able to afford their tiny apartment, and the other is on the verge of losing custody of her own kids because she can barely afford to feed herself. And both give everything for their students." All of these wonderful examples prove that teachers are struggling yet they are trying to find a silver lining between all this. They are extremely dedicated to their student's well-being and can go to any lengths to give them the support and love they deserve.

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