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Teacher impresses Justin Timberlake with humorous fan moments but her husband steals the spotlight

High school Spanish teacher Meghan left the actor surprised when she revealed how she had used her love for him and his fame to teach for 18 years.

Teacher impresses Justin Timberlake with humorous fan moments but her husband steals the spotlight
Cover Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow

Certain celebrities have truly used their position to empower and spread smiles on people’s faces. Their talent, aura and even nature as human beings are truly heartwarming. The Kelly Clarkson Show captured an endearingly hilarious moment a fan had with the stunning Justin Timberlake. The actor who was expecting just a wholesome conversation discovered something ginormous, hysterical and beautiful at the same time. Timberlake spoke to Meghan, a high school Spanish teacher who revealed that the actor was indirectly helping her in class with his presence.

Image Source: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - APRIL 26: Justin Timberlake promotes the upcoming film
Image Source: Justin Timberlake promotes the upcoming film "Trolls Band Together" during the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on April 2,6, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)

“Let’s pass things over to Meghan,” Kelly Clarkson said when Meghan revealed her surprise. Meghan stood up among the audience with a life-sized cardboard cutout of Justin Timberlake and proudly said, “Hi Kelly and Justin.” Kelly burst into laughter with the audience while Timberlake was baffled at the cutout she had brought as an accompaniment. “I didn’t see it until just now,” Clarkson said, chuckling her life away. “Justin, I feel like we already know each other,” the teacher proudly said. “I keep this cutout in my high school Spanish classroom,” she revealed.

Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow
Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow

The actor let out the widest smile and gasped, unable to believe what he was hearing. “You’ve been my ride-or-die co-teacher for the last 18 years helping me teach Spanish verbs, conjugations and more,” she remarked. “We do it all baby,” she said, her fangirling trickling up to her as she excitedly made the statement. Megahn then hilariously looked over at her husband who was quietly seated beside her holding a cutout of Timberlake’s face and a small copy of the life-sized poster and said, “Sorry babe.” “You even make sure these kids don’t cheat on quizzes and tests,” she added. Her husband's expressions stole the spotlight on the internet.

Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow
Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow

The actor was taken aback and had no idea how to respond. He was confused yet impressed and it was visible through his mind-boggled expressions. Meghan then requested the actor to autograph the poster. Still wondering what to say, Timberlake could only hold the pen and ask, “Do you want my name? Or…”  Meghan quickly replied, “I love you, Meghan,” and that’s just what the actor wrote. Meghan deserved that and more for her commitment to the actor for over 18 years. The way she used the popularity of the actor in her classroom for a good purse is truly a top-tier teacher tactic and worth applause.

Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow
Image Source: Instagram|@kellyclarksonshow

People saluted Meghan for her ingenious strategy. Meghan’s students supported her in the comments verifying her loyalty and witty methods. @francescammic said, “She was my Spanish teacher and can confirm all this! Haha, she’s the best!” @kellyrugnetta said, “The best teacher I ever had!! She does keep this cut out in her classroom!” @emmamsoto said, “Best Spanish teacher and co-teacher in the game!!  Her love for Justin Timberlake runs deep but her love for her students runs even deeper! She truly sees every kid for themselves (what a gift) and is one of the kindest women I have ever met - her kindness knows no bounds. @rodriguez_106 said, “Murph and Justin Timberlake were the reason we made it out of Uni Spanish 1 and 2.” 

Many couldn't get over the husband's role in his wife's fangirl moment. "The husband! With the mini Justins - true hero right there," commented @immorevantastic and @abbaticalsos1 added: "Hilarious… her husband is a great sport."

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