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Teacher humorously one-ups student with 'dad joke of the year' when asked to identify a celebrity

A teacher was shown a photograph of singer Drake and asked to identify him, so, he did, but in a really cool way.

Teacher humorously one-ups student with 'dad joke of the year' when asked to identify a celebrity
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard

Humor has the incredible ability to bridge gaps, connect generations, and bring unexpected moments of joy into our lives. In the world of education, where serious matters often dominate, a well-timed joke can make a lasting impact. Such is the case in a recent Instagram video shared by Derek (@derek_gerard), where a conversation between a student and his teacher, Mr. Allan, takes an unexpectedly hilarious turn. The theme revolves around a teacher one-upping the student with an epic dad joke when asked to identify a celebrity. 

Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard
Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard


The video opens with Derek proposing an amusing challenge to his teacher, Mr. Allan. Derek says, "Let me give you like an IQ test but for how relatable you are to your students." He intends to test Mr. Allan's knowledge of current celebrities and pop culture. Derek's first task for his teacher is straightforward: identify celebrities. He's armed with a list of names, ready to see if Mr. Allan can keep up with the ever-changing world of fame. The anticipation builds as Derek awaits his teacher's responses.

Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard
Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard

Mr. Allan, with a hint of intrigue, agrees to the challenge. However, he playfully questions his ability to succeed in this test. He seems aware of the upcoming twist but plays along. As Derek presents the first celebrity, Mr. Allan doesn't immediately recognize the face. His initial guess points towards the world of sports. However, he keeps his student guessing by asking for a moment to ponder the question. Derek, however, sets the expectation high, stating, "If you don't get this, you should be embarrassed." In a classic comedic move, Mr. Allan grabs his phone and pretends to receive an unexpected call, interrupting the test. Derek, perplexed, reminds his teacher that he can't Google the answer. Mr. Allan, with a mischievous grin, reassures him that he's not resorting to internet searches.

He then proceeds to drop a memorable dad joke: "No, I'm not. I'm getting a call on my cell phone." Derek's laughter is infectious, and it's clear that Mr. Allan has expertly executed his well-planned joke. The reference to Drake's song "Hotline Bling" with the lyrics, "Call me on my cell phone," adds a layer of humor to the exchange. The banter doesn't end there. Derek inquires about Mr. Allan's opinion of Drake, a popular musician. Mr. Allan's response is a continuation of his playful humor. He quips, "When I hear his music, there are some things I find very catching." Mr. Allan takes the opportunity to ask if Drake was romantically involved with Rihanna, to which Derek humorously replies, "He wishes he was." 

Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard
Image Source: Instagram | @derek_gerard

In the world of education, where the exchange of knowledge is paramount, moments of humor and levity are equally important. Derek's video captures one such delightful interaction between a student and his teacher, Mr. Allan, as they engage in playful banter centered around identifying celebrities. Mr. Allan's clever use of a dad joke, complete with a reference to a popular song, adds a touch of humor to the classroom setting.

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This video serves as a reminder that humor can create connections and break down barriers, even in the most unexpected places. Mr. Allan's ability to infuse laughter into his teaching moments undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on his students, making the educational experience not only informative but also enjoyable. 

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