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Teacher floods principal with reports following a request for updates on every school rumor

A high school teacher bombarded the principal with updates on school rumors, showcasing the challenges of meeting unrealistic requests.

Teacher floods principal with reports following  a request for updates on every school rumor
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Vlada Karpovich

It's no secret that any establishment with many people will have its share of gossip. Such rumors particularly increase in educational institutions where many young people have to navigate many friendships and rivalries. Some incidents may be true, while others may be fabricated. Reddit user u/Taaronk, who is a high school teacher, shared a funny story about having to report rumors at his school. He begins the post by saying, "This was fun for me and I was shocked how long it was allowed to go on for." The post has gained over 13.8K likes on the platform, with over 472 comments.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Fischer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Fischer

The teacher teaches an elective subject that many kids like allowing him to connect with them. Moreover, he ends up having the same kids for many years, which means that he is able to build a certain level of trust with them. One fine day, he was informed by a few of his students that there were people being physically intimate in another part of the building. He investigates only to find out that there was no one there. He writes, "I do all of the follow-ups to see if anything actually went down, but no body no crime." He specifies that the students actually did not see them engaging in the act but only saw the couple walk out and assumed what they did. Unfortunately, there were also no surveillance cameras in the same vicinity, which meant there was no way to get concrete proof.

Four months passed since the alleged incident and the principal calls him to their office. At the meeting, Taaronk comes to know that they were upset that he didn't inform them about the incident. He responds by saying that he took the necessary steps when his students approached him. There was also a lack of proper evidence, so he felt that there was no need to report it. Confused about the ordeal, he asked them, "So where is the line on what unverified, evidence-free rumors I should be reporting?" To this, the principal responded that he would have to report every single one to them.

The teacher tactfully reported every rumor to the principal in the coming months, even if it was only remotely problematic. He writes, "We are talking a minimum of three times a day, usually more for Three. Weeks. Straight. Including weekends." The principal realized the futility of their request on a Friday afternoon call and said," Okay Mr. Taaronk, you've made your point."

Image Source: Reddit/you_cant_pause_toast
Image Source: Reddit | you_cant_pause_toast


Image Source: Reddit/Gogo726
Image Source: Reddit | Gogo726

Users on the platform lauded the author for his creative response in the comments. u/glitterswirl commented, "Lol, a principal should know better. Kids are the best at spreading false rumors! I knew a teacher who accompanied a bunch of kids on a trip to a theme park. She hates rollercoasters and refuses to go on one. She had a word with one of the mouthiest kids, and by the end of the day, all the kids were totally convinced that this teacher had gone on the biggest/scariest rollercoaster at the park."

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