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Teacher buys ice cream for more than 700 students on his 50th birthday

When his wife asked him what he wanted for his 50th birthday, this teacher said he wanted to do something for the kids.

Teacher buys ice cream for more than 700 students on his 50th birthday
Cover Image Source: Tiktok / @GoodNewsCorres1

Growing up, we always had a favorite teacher who nurtured and treated us with the utmost love and kindness. Teachers not only teach us basic mathematics, but they also play a vital role in molding us as individuals. As a result, it's not surprising that our only fond recollection of school is of our adored teacher. A clear representation of this unique bond is perfectly captured in a Twitter video posted by Good News Moment. In the heartwarming video, a teacher celebrated his 50th birthday by buying ice cream for more than 700 students at his school. He stepped on a makeshift automated platform and announced, "Today is a very special day as I turn 50." "My beautiful wife asked me what I wanted for my 50th birthday."

The students were perplexed as he proceeded to tell everyone that they would be getting ice cream, and everyone was overjoyed at this thoughtful gesture. "700 Ice Creams for Everyone at School: When his wife asked him what he wanted for his 50th birthday, this teacher told her that he wanted to do something nice for his students. "He bought ice cream instead of having a party or getting gifts from his family using his birthday budget!" read the caption. His wife spoke to the Good News Movement and said: "The kids love him. He loves them unconditionally & doesn’t judge them. He wants to be a light in their lives. Life is hard enough for them, especially in middle school age. When he was a student, he was bullied a lot, so he is very passionate about it"



She went on to say that all the ice cream was bought within his birthday budget. And, instead of throwing a birthday bash, he wanted to treat his students.  The same video was also posted on Instagram, receiving over 1K likes. @mandymogle commented: "Best video of the day! I love amazing teachers and their devotion to their students. Please donate this teacher is from my home town.❤️" @carmencita_h_m chimed in: "What a beautiful person! Becoming a teacher was maybe also the best therapy to overcome the effects the bullying must have had on him. We need teachers like him. He's a very brave and forgiving man! Happy birthday !👏"

Another such video is that of Professor Lourdes, a foreign language teacher. She was set to retire after 30 years of teaching, and her students surprised her with the most heartfelt farewell. When Lourdes walked out of a class, she was met by a mob of students assembled in the corridor to see her off. According to Hindustan Times, the students cheered and applauded for her as she went down the corridor in obvious amazement. "HAPPY RETIREMENT: After more than 30 years of teaching foreign languages, Professor Lourdes says goodbye to active teaching to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Thank you for everything, teacher!" read the caption.



The comments were flooding in to show love and support for the retiring professor. "It's nice knowing that the teacher made an impact on those students' lives at one point or another. I remember having teachers like that. Today, those kinds are few & far between," commented @YapYapTRUMP2024. "Teachers are So special! A beautiful thanks & wonderful send-off!!", wrote @jan_rhys

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