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Teacher asks kids 'what makes a good person?' and the responses are illuminating

Kids' understanding of morality is often shaped by their experiences and an extension of their parent or guardian's morality.

Teacher asks kids 'what makes a good person?' and the responses are illuminating
Image source: Twitter/GeorgePointon_

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 22, 2022. It has since been updated.

The way kids think is so unique because they are yet to learn the ways of the world, for good or bad, yet to be conditioned, not weighed down by expectation, and carefree with their thought. An unadulterated thought is a curious thing as it comes with no filter and is shaped by their experiences from a very short period. Original thought has never been truer than when a child has had their say. George Pointon, a Year 1 teacher from the U.K., decided to ask a bunch of 6-year-olds what makes a good person and their answers are eye-opening.



Here are some of the answers that the 6-year-olds gave:

1.  They give you sweets



2.  They help you with things




3.  All good people wear capes



4. They have kind faces



5.  They have a dog



6. They try their best




7. They give you money



8.  Big beard like Santa




9. Ingenious



10.  You just ask them




With that Pointon covered all the answers, but not before leaving us with words of wisdom from a 7-year-old. 



A few of them shared answers from their children as well:












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